James Woods shared the disgusting picture and asked how you would live another 3 years

Life in America has gone from amazing under President Trump to a depressing shackle under Biden.

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Everything changed when they declared an epidemic in the world, and yes, it doesn’t matter to me who calls me a “cue-cook” because that’s what happened and we all know it.

The timing was a bit too “coincidental” and we all know there are no coincidences in politics.

However, now we are stuck with this dementia-prone fraud by occupying the White House, and in the process destroying the country and the American people.

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Inflation is rising, gas prices are skyrocketing, and parents are unable to find baby formula for their children.

It’s a nightmare.

How can we all do this for the next three years?

That’s exactly what James Woods thinks.

He shared a picture from Cali, and look at the prices of that gas – they are out of this orbit and they will only continue to get higher.

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Here is what James says: “Three more years. How is your savings going to save them? “

Here’s what people are saying online:

“The price of gas will soon be more than 10 per gallon ….”

“You dare say Joe Biden has my savings in America.”

“Good question. I’m lucky, I only paid $ 4.29 / cheek. Should have been paid this morning when it was $ 4.19 / cheek.”

“As a senior citizen, I am already struggling with two part-time jobs and a leisure that is disappearing in thin air. I do not recognize the land of opportunity .. and I do not know how to try more.

“Well, since I didn’t really have any savings until Trump was in office … not so good !!”

“It simply came to our notice then. World Communist Forum. This is not a conspiracy. It’s not fun. They want it anyway and they infiltrate almost every government. Communism begins with the lack of toilet paper. We are not having a unique experience. “

“Get ready! This bastard is trying to crush America.”

“I suspect the Sri Lankan style is coming up in a week.”

People are struggling, and they are scared.

The stock market is collapsing, the economy is failing, most experts think the recession is coming, and Joe Biden is sending billions to Ukraine.

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This is the last America, and this is the only thing Democrats can offer.

Keep fighting and vote for them.

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