J6 “Star Witness” still caught in another lie, insiders say Cheney was the only one found

Well, it looks more like J6’s “star witness” is actually a pathological liar who is looking for his 15-minute fame.

Of course, most of us realized this at first, but now that the whole story he told is different, it’s becoming clear to a lot of people what’s really going on… and again, it’s a huge media flop, where they’re on top of everything. An anti-Trump story like Humping Hyena jumped in, before testing it and making sure everything was aligned.

General, isn’t it? Because of this they have no credibility.

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This always happens in the case of President Trump because the whole media has Stage 5 TDS, including many fools in Fox News.

As you probably know by now, the story that Cassidy Hutchinson told that President Trump attacked (suffocated) a secret service agent and tried to command “The Beast” has been refuted.

The SS agents who were in the car with the president and even the person who Cassidy claimed to have told him this absurd story all came forward and said that nothing of the sort happened.

And if it’s not bad enough, another lie has been revealed.

Apparently, Cassidy, a low-level activist, and basically a “coffee gopher” is really trying to get himself into this J6 drama, almost two years later, and trying to get credit for writing a “note” to President Trump on Jan. 6, it’s actually White. Wrote a lawyer in the House.

More news: President Trump has solved the “mystery” of this J6 “secret witness” nonsense

Ryan Savedra of the Daily Wire tweeted about it on Twitter: “Breaking: Former White House lawyer Eric Hershman says it’s not true that Cassidy Hutchinson wrote the handwritten note he testified on Tuesday. He says it’s not true because he wrote the note.” ”

ABC News reports that Eric Hershman, Trump’s former White House lawyer, claims that during a meeting at the White House in a handwritten note on the possible statement of then-President Donald Trump during the January 6 attack on the Capitol, he wrote that in the afternoon, and White House aide Cassidy, Sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.

At Tuesday’s Jan. 6 committee hearing, Rep. Liz Cheney displayed a handwritten note that Hutchinson testified that he wrote to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, after giving him a note card and pen after taking his instructions.

Sources familiar with the matter said Hershman had previously told the committee that he had written the note.

Just another lie that completely shattered the credibility of the witness and further shattered the credibility of this January 6 fraud committee.

John Cardillo, a former law enforcement officer and former Newsmax host, said the Jan. 6 committee had only one option left after this massive fall with their false star witnesses:

Benji Thompson And @Liz_Cheni There is an option here. One. Ornato, Engel, invite the president’s limo driver and Hershman to testify publicly then refer Hutchinson to the DOJ criminally for the 1001 offense. That’s it. There is no other option. “

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“But, of course, they won’t. They got their title. “

“That’s what they wanted, just to get this dumb story out. They had no idea it was a lie. People will not pay attention to that. ”

“Swear to them and ask about other things as well.”

“We know they won’t … they’ve done medicine and proven it and lied over and over again. They will double!

“You think they did some proper diligence before testifying to him to see if he was telling the truth. Or was this Ghiselin supposed to be removed from Maxwell’s sentence? This whole theater is a farce and people are sick of it.”

“Yes, it will not happen. Yesterday their ratings were disappointing because their shit show was trying to drum up some interest. They’ve got their sound bites and their favorite media talking heads to let Trump know how “devastating” it was.

“Anyone watching Fox News after this coverage of them yesterday should be ashamed of themselves.”

“They will not. And it doesn’t matter. The real story spreads faster than fake anyway. The only people who take this nonsense seriously are the ones who are spreading it. “

I’m really glad it happened, and I hope it continues.

Listen to me

All of this further destroys the media and this fraudulent hearing.

Let them go. What they are doing is hanging themselves.

Forgive my French here, but this January 6 stuff is a huge “circle shake” for the elite, including TDS.

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No one else thinks about it, and in the end, the more it will be like the circus, the worse it will be for Dames and Rhino.

So, I say, have it, and bring more false clowns.

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