It’s a record! Americans see gas prices averaging $ 5 nationally under Biden

According to GasBuddy, the average price of a gallon of gas in the United States surpassed $ 5 on Thursday, after rising faster than the previous month, which has frightened public leaders and put pressure on the finances of ordinary Americans.

The average price of a gallon of gas was above $ 4.40 in all 50 states, but costs varied widely between regions, with drivers in the west and northeast paying the highest prices and southeast paying the lowest, according to AAA data.

According to AAA data, California drivers, with the highest gas prices, paid an eye-popping average of 40 6.40 per gallon.

Experts told ABC News late last month that increased prices due to the rise in summer tourism have attracted more people to the pump. Rising demand coincides with a crude oil supply crisis caused by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, which expels a wide range of industries from the country, removing millions of barrels of oil from the market, according to experts.

As consumer dissatisfaction has increased in recent months, President Joe Biden has been punished for his handling of rising prices of products such as petrol and groceries. According to an ABC / Ipsos poll released on Sunday, only 37% of Americans approve of Biden’s management of the economic recovery.

Republican lawmakers have blamed U.S. oil suppliers Biden’s handling of the rise in gasoline prices, which sparked a decision last year to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline.

Biden, like last week, was heading for a recent tour of Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil supplier, which could give American gas customers some leeway.

The United States and its allies said in March that they would release 60 million barrels of oil from their strategic reserves in the next few months, with the aim of easing some supply shortages and raising mood prices.

On Sunday, Transportation Secretary Pete Butigig told “George Stefanopoulos” this week that inflation was Biden’s “top economic priority.”

Butigig was asked by Stefanopoulos on Sunday about the release of oil from strategic reserves, and he said it had “no effect.” “Was it a failure?” Stefanopoulos asked.

Butigig added, “I don’t think the claim is true that it made any difference.” “These measures have helped stabilize global oil prices.”

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