Interesting new theories have emerged in Joe Biden’s infamous “Corn Pop” story

Former Newsmax host John Cardillo has a theory about the infamous Corn Pop – “bad friend” Joe Biden came up with a bizarre story a few years ago.

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In 2019, stories about Corn Pop and Joe’s “Hairy Feet / Roach” were the first red flags for many that Joe Biden lost his marbles.

Here’s what Joe said about his hairy blonde legs and “roach”, which is a racial slur about black people, however.

I find this entertainment of Joe’s story with this illustration, which is both fictional and terrifying at the same time.


Joe Korn tells quite a wild story about pop.

He was presumably a black man and a gangster who wore a “cap” on his head because he had oil in his hair.

The story goes that Joe was the lifeguard of this public pool and was abusing Corn Pop, so Joe presumably tried to straighten him out, and ridiculed his cap by calling Corn Pop “Esther Williams”, who was a black female swimmer.

Quite insulting, I guess.

A completely big thing happened, where Corn Pop used a razor blade to fight Joey in the parking lot, and Joe equipped himself with a chain.

It’s one of the weirdest stories you’ll ever hear.

It’s literally insane.


Since then, John has re-evaluated the whole Corn Pop story, and he has found a new theory about what actually happened.

John is now convinced that Corn Pop is actually the protagonist of the story and Joe the villain.

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Here is what John said in a tweet:

“I’m starting to think Corn Pop wasn’t a bad friend at all. Much more likely that Corn Pop was kicking terribly weird so little kids could touch the hair of his feet from the pool. In fact, I think Corn Pop was probably the protagonist of the story. “

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Corn Pop wasn’t the hero we deserved but we needed to be”

“So, are you saying that Corn Pop was a good friend?!?”

“The way I heard it, Corn Pop said” Let’s go to Brandon “but then Joe knew what that meant LOL”

“If you start to suspect Joe’s corn pop stories, you’ll start to suspect that he traveled to Selmar, took a bullet for the MLK, broke down the Berlin Wall, hunted down and killed Hitler in Argentina, and so on. . ”

“That whole story is riddled with lies (naturally for emphasis). That pool was in a white neighborhood at the time. I’m not sure where the” roaches “that jumped into his lap came from.”

“Joe is not a fair fight. He brought a chain for a fist fight. “

“You are right that he does not fight fairly. In the last election, he came up with an additional 70 million ballots.

I think John has something onto his theory.

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Corn Pop was probably tired of seeing Joe’s paws and sniffing all the kids and decided to do something about it.

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