In some parts of the United States the price of gas per gallon is about $ 10 and biden is introduced

Gas prices have doubled under Joe Biden, and are rising in some parts of the country… and while we are all suffering, Joe and Jill are enjoying another vacation.

Here’s what Rep Boebert wanted to say in a tweet: “While you’re canceling your summer vacation because of the high gas prices, Joe Biden is vacationing at his Delaware beach house. Still ready for average tweets to come back? “

Yes, Biden is enjoying a relaxing vacation at his beach house.

Annoying, isn’t it? These elites live in a bubble and they hate the middle class.

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And speaking of which, I hope you enjoy paying a lot of money for gas because it is going to get worse as summer gets hotter.

A certain area of ​​California is actually flirting with a price of about $ 10 per gallon, and June has begun.

The New York Post reports that New Yorkers paying five gallons for gasoline may think things aren’t going to get any worse – but in one California town people are almost doubling the shell for a fill-up.

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A Chevron station in the coastal village of Mendocino, about 175 miles north of San Francisco, was charging নিয়মিত 9.60 per gallon for a regular Friday afternoon.

That’s $ 3.30 per gallon higher than the national average of 6.30, and $ 4.78 higher than the national average of $ 4.82 according to the AAA.

But individual stations across the country are charging higher than average, including one LA station which was at শীর্ 8 on Friday.

Prices also rose in New York, where the statewide average reached $ 4,851, according to the AAA – the average in all boroughs except Staten Island topped শনিবার 5 on Saturday morning.

The Menocino station, Schlafer’s Auto Body & Repair, is the only tourist destination – described on the county’s website as “an enchanting place filled with real, unspoken California opportunities” – and is regularly considered the most expensive in the country.

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Owner Judy Schleffer told she paid $ 50,000 for an 8,880-gallon delivery this week, with 10 days to go. Three months ago, the same load would have been about $ 30,000.

Schleffer said he would be out of business if he did not charge 9.60.

“I’m going to be lucky if I make the year with all the fees, regulations, salary fees,” he said. “If it continues like this, Mendocino will not have a gas station next year.”


So, you know this kind of price is coming for all of us.

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This is Joe Biden’s America, where he will not be happy until we are all “Built Back Brock” and at his mercy, so that he can implement AOC’s “Green New Garbage”.

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