In fact, Mike Pence has demonstrated just how deep the state reservoir puppet he is with this move.

Mike Pence is a dirty swamp rat and Deep State doll.

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And he’s the worst kind of reservoir rat because he hides who he really is behind his “Christianity.” Pence shows this “no-nonsense” good guy, who is just next for the ride, and never has bad intentions.

This is a huge lie.

Price is a full blown traitor, and he has always been … and at the moment he was “active” in the Deep State and the Dames needed him the most … and that was January 6th.

A lot of people may not realize it, but Pence made a very secretive shady move on January 5th that became a catalyst for everything.

So, what did he do?

Well, that’s actually what he refused to do on January 5th, which started everything, and on January 6th, the “stress” erupted.

Mike Pence knew on January 5 that he had no intention of “stopping” and if he did, it could significantly change the outcome on January 6… and you have to wonder why he didn’t say something?

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly tweeted this and tagged Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Mark Short:

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Big question for @marctshort I doubt he will answer: If he knew that Pence planned to reject Trump’s call to stop the election count, why did Pence wait a few minutes before the January 6 congressional call to release his letter?

“Around 1pm, Pence released a memo in which he disagreed with the president about his ability to interfere in his certification. The memo was not previously shared with White House prosecutors; Confidence in the office has been shattered by then. ”

Why @marctshort?

I saw videos made by angry protesters at Pence’s announcement, videos used as evidence against J6 defendants. Pence’s secret actions contributed directly to the mob’s anger that afternoon. He could have easily published the January 5 letter. Why not?

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If you ask me, Pence knew long before January 5 that he would not raise a finger to stop the fraudulent election.

And back when all this was unveiled in real-time, I had a really weird feeling about how Pence was handling things.

I wondered why he wasn’t speaking out against fraud, especially since most of the Republican base was buzzing about what’s going on. I really shut myself up to see how “secret” she was, and I wondered why she wouldn’t just come out and tell me how she felt, one way or another.

“Secret” things would have made me even weirder if he had just said, “No, I don’t believe there was fraud.”

And now, in hindsight, we have to wonder, is Pence holding his cards so close to his vest to make sure that January 6th was as high-spirited and dramatic as it could get?

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Because he must have been the fuel of the fire.

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