Impossible “shared director Tom Cruise’s jaw dropping aerial stunt picture in honor

Tom Cruise at the top of the world.

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Literally, in this new stunt from the movie “Mission: Impossible”, he’s on top of everything, sort of.

But seriously, Tom has climbed on top of the success of “Top Gun Maverick”, which has taken the whole world by storm.

It’s an all-American / patriotic movie that’s free from all the hype in Hollywood.

And for that, we thank Tom.

He’s bringing back the good days of film, and at such a frustrating “biden” time, we all need to escape, don’t we?

And did you know that it’s Tom’s birthday?

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He is turning 60 years old.

What a great.

It will make you feel old, won’t it?

However, the director of the new “Mission: Impossible” shared a jaw-dropping photo of Cruz performing his own aerial stunt.

Deadline reports that Tom Cruise’s frequent collaborator and Mission: Impossible director Christopher McCurry shared a new behind-the-scenes photo on Sunday to wish the star a happy 60th birthday, which appears to be taken from the eighth MI movie, Mission: Impossible. Dead Reckoning – Part Two (see below).

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Although McCurry didn’t add any context to the film, it did see Cruz hanging off the wings of a mid-roll vintage red biplane – which we saw in a pre-recorded message from Cinemacon in April sent from the South African set during the Cruise film.

Here is a closeup of the photo:

That’s an amazing picture.

Tom Cruise is known for his constant limitations in his self-edited stunts.

This is a really great viral video that shows how these stunts are pulled It has received over 10 million views.


Tom’s birthday was actually July 3.

He spent his birthday on Sunday at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, where he is backing Paul and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

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We hope he had a great day!

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