If CNN’s new leadership is wondering why the network is still crawling, we know

The new owners of CNN have promised to bring the infamous fake news network back to its non-partisan glorious days when they actually reported the news and were not puppets of the progressive regime.

Believe it or not, there was a time when CNN was considered a “serious news network.”

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But their plan to restructure the fake news giant and turn it into reliable “news” is not being implemented.

CNN’s rating is actually getting worse.

So, what’s going wrong?

Well, to understand what’s going wrong on CNN, you have to go back a few years.

After the media prepared Trump for ratings in 2015 and early 2016, things got worse Very real When Hillary lost, and Trump was in charge now …

Stage 5 TDS quickly spread to newsrooms across the country and everyone’s professional reputation was ruined.

Seriously, I was shocked to see the media’s reputation shattered like a stale cookie.

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But all of a sudden, there was this “last resort” attitude that spread across the mainstream media.

In their minds, President Trump was so dangerous that he had to stop, whatever the cost. It has become a “duty of justice” for the press to prevent America from accidentally committing suicide …

It was their perverted thought process, however. They were all suffering from some bizarre, misguided “hero complex”.

Also, these otherwise noisy / name-calling journalists are now moving away from the hero-worship status they earned in the Trump resistance movement.

They were the men and women who “saved the country” from the Great Orange Nazis …

It has become like a drug, and they had to be tougher and more anti-Trump to chase that height.

And as a result of this deviant hysteria, many “resistance characters” emerged – and most of them came from CNN, who were a proud leader in the movement to stop Trump.

Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter and others have all become “faces” of Trump resistance.

And now, we’re here, years later, under the leadership of the new CNN, and things are actually getting worse.

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HGTV and The Food Network are beating CNN in prime-time ratings.

TNT is beating them during the day.

That’s bad.

The New York Post reports that CNN’s new boss has had even worse results.

According to a recent Nielsen rating, only news giant CNN has seen a decline in its viewership in recent weeks, led by newly installed network president Chris Leach.

Despite intensive coverage of the ongoing House Committee hearing network on the January 6, 2021 riots in the U.S. Capitol – the number of CNN viewers in June declined compared to the previous month.

In June, CNN’s primetime lineup attracted an average of 654,000 total viewers per night. Of these visitors, only 148,000 are between the ages of 25 and 54 – the main population most enticed by advertisers.

The numbers represent a 1% drop compared to May, according to The Daily Beast.

CNN’s day lineup is also bleeding viewers, the latest data shows.

Network-tuned audiences shrunk by 3% month-on-month in June to 487,000 total viewers per day – as well as 2% to 104,000 viewers in a 25-54 population.

So, what gives?

Well, I’ll tell you what the problem is.

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CNN has done a lot of damage to the country, and many people are still spit-crazy about it.

New owners make a few changes here and there and don’t “cut” the toning a bit …

Not even after the damage CNN did … there’s no way.

If they really want to change gears and return to the goodwill of the public, the first thing they need to do is apologize.

CNN needs to come out and admit all their fake news and biased reports and apologize to the American people for that.

The slate needs to be cleaned before they can proceed.

This is one of the cases where the brand was so badly damaged that it needs to be publicly acknowledged before any “reconstruction” can begin.

After that, they must shoot the “face” of the anti-Trump resistance and bring fresh blood to those who have not insulted and ridiculed half the country.

If they do these two things, CNN has a good chance of a comeback.

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If they don’t, no one will take them seriously and they will continue to crater.

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