Hunter at WH today … The clip leaked that day shows him naked, smoking crack,

Today, Hunter Biden is at the White House.

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Hunter’s aging father is giving more people the Medal of Freedom today.

Joe is trying to do something to distract from his crude performance as “pretend president”.

Hunter at the bottom left of your screen.

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Suspicious or worse during Hunter depending on how you view it.

I think handlers have been treating Hunter as much as possible lately, so it seems that Joe is not the least bit worried about the recent voicemail that came out, he was involved in Hunter’s business dealings.

However, today is the day when a leaked video of a nude hunter, smoking, drinking a white clause and splashing himself has spread to the scene.

Of course, very, very awkward.

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It came back in 2019, so just a few years ago.

In this clip, Hunter was about 49 years old – and a father.

Look into Hunter’s eyes. So incredibly awesome.

See (Warning: You may find this annoying):

You think Joe Biden would be somewhat understandable and keep Hunter away from WH to avoid drawing more attention to his horrible, perverted son.

But then again, Joe Biden probably didn’t even realize that his naked son Crack was touching himself in a pool while smoking.

After all, Joe Biden thinks Hunter is the “smartest person” to meet him.

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It really explains a lot, doesn’t it?

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