Huge “monkey pox” hysteria pushing the drug before the intervening period

I haven’t even looked at drug reports for years. And I will not.

I refuse to go to that apostate traitorous liberal trash site. But I saw a tweet with a screenshot of one of them online this morning Brave Title

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It seems that Druze is now pushing the hysterical Monkey Pox propaganda সময়ে just in time for the medium term… and I already see the plan unveiled. They will spend the whole summer scaring everyone by showing a close-up of all those horrible blisters with one “MonkeyPix” story after another. They will twist the death toll, conflict and swell, to make sure everyone is really in a frenzy, and then throw Fawcett into the dust, and suggest another lockdown at the right time for the medium term, so that the mail-in ballots can do one. Come back.

Can’t you see right now?

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And the media will follow the shells because fear means clicks and more revenue and helps advance their political agenda. It is a win / win / win for them.

Here is the drug title.


I think there are a total of 145 cases of monkeypox in the whole world at the moment.

However, the CDC claims that if you get the “smallpox vaccine” you have an 85% chance of not catching monkeypox.


But of course, don’t pay attention to that, because all of this is going to get even crazier, because that’s how this plot works, isn’t it?

We’ve all seen it before.

Here’s what people are saying online:

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“Heiiiiiiiiiiii go! “It’s time to dump her and move on.”

“People’s disobedience … The federal government has gone against the rogues and the citizens. Do you really think an epidemic is needed to deceive Democrats?”

“If you just bypass the drug, you won’t have this problem, which I’ve been doing for four years now. Drug waste ”

“Drugs help spread liberal fear porn”

“Of course no danger since women #RoeVWade #SexStrike right LOL?”

“Matt Droz has become something unknown in the last few years.”

I saw this meme and it’s true:


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Now, the big question is – when is the updated MonkeyVax coming? Or “booster” they say we all need?

Because you know it will happen …

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