How much could Baby Formula pay for the $ 40 million box Joe sent to Ukraine?

Baby Formula has been missing from US store shelves for some time now.

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Back when on the right we were all calling Biden’s empty shelf, and Dames and the media were calling us “liars”, the child formula faded.

We’ve all seen it happen …

But now, we are in a crisis, because again, instead of solving a problem, Biden’s incompetent team pretended that there was no problem and simply poured money into Ukraine.

CNN reports that stores across the country have been fighting for months to stock up on enough baby formula. Manufacturers say they are producing at full capacity and making as much formula as possible, but it is still not enough to meet current demand.

Out-of-stock rates for Baby Formula ranged from 2% to 8% in the first half of 2021, but have been rising sharply since last July. Between November 2021 and the beginning of April 2022, the out-of-stock rate rose to 31%, according to the data assembly.

The rate rose a further 9 percentage points in just three weeks in April and now stands at 40%, the statistics show. In six states – Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee – more than half of the baby formulas sold out completely in the week beginning April 24, the data assembly said.

And while seven states did not have 40-50% baby formula product stock at the beginning of April, 26 states are now struggling with supply.

Meanwhile, Democrat lawmakers are moving at the speed of light to get their billions and billions of dollars to Zelensky and Ukraine.

Every time you turn around, billions of US tax dollars are flooding into Ukraine.

Don’t you want to see an itemized list of Zelensky spending all this money?

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Most people would say that an itemized list doesn’t really exist because it’s a big money laundering scheme for dams and military-industrial complexes that dried up while President Trump was in office.

Money just doesn’t stop flowing.

This time around, they’re proposing to send about বিল 40 billion … after sending him just 33 33 billion, and a few million more.

Are you working overtime in your job to pay your fair share in Ukraine? You must be fine.

Bloomberg reports that Democrats have drafted a .8 39.8 billion Ukraine aid package and plan to vote on it this week without adding to the Covid epidemic fund.

President Joe Biden has called on lawmakers to separate the two requests to avoid money laundering in Ukraine. According to people familiar with the plan, Biden, who was asked by Congress last month, could vote in the House on Tuesday on a larger Ukraine package of $ 33 billion. Lawmakers are adding $ 3.4 billion in military aid and $ 3.4 billion in humanitarian aid.

“We cannot delay this important war effort. Therefore, I am prepared to accept that these two measures have been removed separately, so that the Ukrainian aid bill can reach my desk immediately, “Biden said in a statement.

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The decision to speed up aid to Ukraine, which has been suspended in the Senate over immigration disputes, comes as the Biden administration has warned that funding for the President’s use of arms to send weapons to Ukraine will run out by a third. Week of May.

This is a never ending gravy train heading to Ukraine, while Americans are suffering at home.

It is called “America’s Last” and that is why we are fighting so hard against the globalists

So, this tweet asking to know how many baby formulas will be bought for 40 billion has obviously gone viral.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Trump dealt with both issues properly.”

“No, they are trying to kill our children in one way or another. But, as I said mothers can’t find baby formula they use 1% milk. It’s high in protein. “

“Yes. We / the middle class, end up on the list of Biden Administration.

“Biden pays more for abortion than for feeding the youngest. # Human trafficking #BiolabsInUkraine Russia is fighting the United States in Ukraine, Ukraine is not fighting Russia. “

“Biden has always been a liar and a fanatic. He is now promoting a baby formula deficiency to prove that he wants to protect his Chinese Big Guy cut rather than American kids. “

“I think many of us are thinking the same thing. Please answer this question through the flood of midterm elections. Let’s make it a red snow ”

“You see, if Ukraine had not kept the line in the pockets of the Biden family for years, we would not be sending all our money there now or on the brink of World War II. This is political money laundering and retaliation. 10% for older people.

“The American people need answers to these kinds of things.”

“This is the end of America”

“Anyone who doesn’t believe it’s a money laundering operation needs to have their head checked.”

“Yeah … at least enough to supply every child in our country … for free … are you still paying attention to America ??? …”

Don Jr. also spoke on the subject:

This is the strangest “fight” I’ve ever seen.

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Very expensive “green screen” war 7. We’re financing that while American mothers and children are suffering.

If it doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what else …

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