Holy cow! How do you see George Soros these days?

Holy Wow, I saw this tweet today, and couldn’t believe my eyes.

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George Soros never looked “sprightly and healthy”, but I haven’t seen the latest picture of this guy in many eras… until now.

OAN has aired a recent photo of Soros, and it looks like a cross between Doc from “Back to the Future”. And one of those horrible dehydrated apple faces.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

More news: Liberal “food network” host Valerie Bartinelli has angered many Americans with her comments about the Texas school shooting.

The flip-side of the fall - the meat and potatoes of life

It’s crazy how old she is, and even more crazy that she’s still alive at this point.

What is he, now 200 years old?

Of course it feels like …

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Here is the photo using OAN:

Here is a closeup of the photo:


Boy, is that true … when you’re bad, you wear it, aren’t you?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Nobody likes corruption”

“It’s a sick and scary look MF’er”

“I do not want my country to be on the same side with this man.”

“Symbol of evil.”

“At that moment you realize that your government is probably the best friend of George Soros.”

“She looks as smart as Joey.”

“She doesn’t seem to have much time.”

“Wow, there’s really mischief all over his face.”

“Satan looks at you like this when he owns your soul.”

“Evil never dies”

“Guess he’s out of adrenochrome”

“Can Satan please come and collect this monster already?”

Sadly, Georges’ son, Alex, has already accepted where his dilapidated old father had left off.

So, when George leaves this world, he will carry his disgusting anti-American legacy.

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The fight never ends, people.

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