Holy cow … Dinesh explains what’s overflowing from this FedEx bin, and you get it

This weekend, I can tell you what a lot of people will do … they will see the new bombshell movie “2000 Moles”.

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Have you seen it yet?

It’s mind blowing … and it proves that most of us knew in advance … the Left used a ballot-cutting scheme to “stuff” the vote and install Joe.

And they were able to do that, thanks to the Kovid epidemic – yes, what a coincidence! What a crazy, coincidental time that was! It’s just amazing, isn’t it? 3

Please, give us all a break … everyone knows what really happened here …

More news: CNN is now calling Hillary for her election tampering role… they can sleep with their eyes open

However, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is laser-centric as part of the ballot collection of this huge globalist project, and his film is a blueprint of how they did it.

You can see “2000 mules” TheaterOr you can order a DVD Here Or Here.

And if you’re wondering how the sales are going … I show you a picture that Dinesh shared on Twitter, of FedEx’s biggest “bin”, and it’s overflowing with “2000 mule” DVDs.

It’s amazing to see!

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Here is what Dinesh says: “Here is FedX’s biggest bin with a full 2000” Mules “DVD in Dallas ready to go out. Get yours today on SalemNow or Amazon ”

Every single Republican politician should talk about this movie and push it.

They don’t.

So, please, ask them why. They answer to their voters why they are not talking about this movie.

Now it’s time to dump her and move on.

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If they ignore this movie and this problem, then they are not working for us, no matter what they say.

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