Hollywood Samuel L. Jackson denounced the Supreme Court judge as “Uncle Clarence”

After the Supreme Court overturned Rowe vs. Wade on Saturday, actor Samuel L. Jackson criticized Justice Clarence Thomas in a tweet.

Jackson referred to Thomas as “Uncle Clarence” and mocked the judge for his position in the famous abortion case.

How do you feel about Uncle Clarence Loving vs. Virginia overturning? Jackson tweeted something.

The interracial marriage ban was declared illegal in the Loving v. Virginia civil rights case. Ginny Thomas is white and married to Thomas, a black man.

All the well-known logical flaws of the liberals are about to be revealed. In their list, this specialty got first place. It is a personal attack. If you don’t like your opponent’s position and you are weak, attack the person’s character. Those who exploit logical errors repeatedly expose their own flaws.

“Uncle Clarence” is probably an insulting allusion to the fictional slave “Uncle Tom”, who is often associated with submission to the white ruling elite. Jackson is not the only person who has made the nation a factor in the most recent Supreme Court decision.

When people don’t get what they want, it’s amazing how they jump into embarrassing and unreasonably unrelated worries. 1) Row overturning Row and the “other notable issues” addressed in the article have nothing to do with the race. 2) The nation has nothing to do with Roe. Why the unreasonable leaps and bounds? He chose to include race in the conversation when it was not like starting because he had no other logical argument.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss Rowe v. Wade, members of the Congressional Black Caucus are urging President Biden to issue a national emergency declaration.

Members want Biden to take action because the decision has shifted the legality of abortion to states, including about a dozen so-called “trigger laws” that prohibit or restrict abortion.

Members wrote in a letter that “every day we look forward to working is a day that is spent mitigating public health disasters that will ignite the destruction of Roy.”

In the gay opinion, Thomas said that in the context of the Rowe v. Wade decision, other important decisions regarding same-sex marriage and contraception could be reviewed.

This is just another example of individuals responding to misinformation, to be clear. Even the late Justice Ginsberg believed that the verdict of Rowe v. Wade was not supported by a strong legal basis and that the Constitution did not guarantee the right to abortion. Abortion is not forbidden, the story ends. The choice of what the citizens of each state want now depends on them. Are there restrictions on abortion? Under what conditions? Vote for what is best for your state. The rest is just noise to cover up the fact that the legislatures of our country have not done their job; That’s where your energy lies.

And a famous person who has no idea how the constitution works or what the real significance of Rowe v. Wade was. Abortion was not the issue. It has to do with the right to privacy. There is no mention of privacy in the constitution. The Tenth Amendment, which empowers states, should be used whenever the federal government lacks jurisdiction over something not included in the constitution. Abortion was not legalized by Rowe v. Wade. Rowe vs. Wade did not make abortion illegal.

I, for one, are tired of these arrogant actors who believe that they are morally superior to the rest of us. This guy, like many others, has raised millions of dollars by engaging in fantasy games. Most of them have no connection to the reality that most people live in every day.

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