Hillary Clinton’s lawyer cleared the FBI of lying

On Tuesday, a federal jury in Washington found Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Susman, guilty of lying to the FBI.

According to Special Counsel John Durham’s office, Susman misrepresented himself during a 2016 meeting with the FBI’s General Counsel to stage “October surprises” against Trump’s rival and then-presidential candidate.

The three-year trial in Durham resulted in a two-week trial, the first of many.

However, we appreciate the jury’s verdict and thank them for their service despite our disappointment. “” Durham made the announcement in a press release. “

An assistant U.S. attorney told the jury in a final argument Friday that Susman “used his privileges as a high-ranking Washington lawyer and former DJ prosecutor … to bypass conventional procedures and expedite a meeting with them.” [now retired] The FBI’s General Counsel, “said James Baker.

Susman Baker, a lawyer specializing in cyber security, gave secret internet data. The data suggests that there may be a link between the Trump organization and computer systems linked to Alpha Bank, Russia’s largest commercial banking company. After further investigation, the FBI concluded that Susman’s concerns were unfounded.

The allegation that Sassman told Baker in an interview that he was passing information as a concerned citizen and not working on behalf of any client was the primary focus of the prosecution case against Sussman. Algor told the jury that in reality, Susman was present on behalf of two clients: the Clinton campaign and Rodney Joff, the technology executive who oversaw Alpha Bank’s research. Algor also mentioned that Susman was involved in the investigation on behalf of Alpha Bank.

Sussmann’s attorney, Sean Berkowitz, noted to the jury that Baker and others had provided conflicting evidence over the years about what Sussmann had said in the encounter. Berkowitz also said that Susman was not working for the campaign, especially because of the publicity surrounding the investigation into Clinton’s emails.

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