Herschel Walker wants to be the one (and Christ) who decided to run

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker has claimed that former President Donald Trump lied about urging him to run in the election.

In an extensive interview with rapper Killer Mike on Revolt TV, the former NFL running back Walker said he did not run for office because Trump told him to.

President Trump has not asked me a single question, as many believe. I want to tell him that he never asked about it. There was a lot of speculation that Herschel might run away after hearing this question on television. As far as I know, President Trump has never asked Herschel if he is interested in running for the Senate.

According to Walker, “he’s taking credit for asking,” although he never asked.

For Walker, the race was an expression of his religious views.

Trump also traveled to Georgia to support Walker, although there were concerns about the candidate’s behavior and lack of political experience. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

A few months ago on The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show, Trump said, “He told me he was going, and I think he would go.” “He is a good man. He is a good citizen. He has a lot of loyalty. I’ll tell you, the people of Georgia love him… I don’t think anyone can beat Herschel… I think it will be hard to beat him. He’s running, I think. “

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