Here’s why Elon can screw himself up by announcing that he’ll be the opposite

Elon Musk will lift President Trump’s Twitter ban.

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And while Trump has said he doesn’t want to return to Twitter, it’s okay to undo that stupid ban, but there’s a downside.

I’m scared of Elon announcing his plans for President Trump’s account … and why here …

It seems to me now, even more than before, that the regime will throw everything at him to stop selling.

We all know it’s not complete, and a lot of people are trying to stop selling.

I think this announcement will make it 1000 times worse. I hope he kept “secret” about it.

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Maybe it’s just me (understandably) paranoid, but announcing that you’re allowing Trump to access his 80-million followers and that huge, huge pulpit will throw the fear of God into the establishment of Deep State, The Regime and GOP.

All bets will stop if you ask me.

But Elon is determined to do it because he says the ban was “morally wrong,” and “all out foolish.”

I can’t argue with that … she’s right. It should never have happened.

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You can watch the video below:

If there is a sale, it will be entirely up to President Trump if he wants to use his Twitter account, or just stay true … and that is how it should be.

His choice.

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Removing President Trump from Twitter was part of the whole 2020 scandal সময় it’s time to reverse this mistake.

Let’s hope this sale is over and Elon has a chance to fix it again.

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