Here is the raw truth about Muammar Gaddafi’s 2009 “COVID prediction” that is gone

You may have seen a video or graphics on the internet that the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was “predicting” COVID-19 in 2009.

However, memes and videos indicate this.

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Many memes look like this (except for X, it’s from an angry fact-checker):

And videos with subtitles look like this:

As I mentioned above, the fact-checkers came out very quickly and shattered this claim.

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And in some cases, they were right… but they were also wrong.

Yes, the word choice and “translation” above was far from what Gaddafi actually said, but he still said what he said … and it was powerful and meant the same thing, mostly.

I think that’s where fact-checkers got worse when people suggested that Kovid was man-made and revealed as a “plan” to sell a vaccine (and reset the world by winning the presidential election).

That’s what they’re doing “debunking,” apparently. They say, “No, Gaddafi did not predict Covid.”

Okay, aptly mentioned.

But the fact remains that what Gaddafi said at the UN was quite strong and extremely courageous.

He claimed that companies create viruses so they can turn around and sell vaccines.

She said, flat out.

In 2009, Gaddafi appeared for a 15-minute speech at the 64th UN General Assembly… but instead of 15 minutes, Gaddafi stood there and spoke for 90 minutes.

This part of his actual speech is taken from Africa News.

And in these 90 minutes he said about the virus:

This session is being held in the midst of many challenges before us, and the whole world should come together and unite its efforts to overcome the challenges of the international crisis, such as our common common enemy – climate change and capitalist economic collapse. , Food and water crisis, desertification, terrorism, migration, piracy, man-made and natural epidemics and nuclear proliferation. Influenza H1N1 was probably a laboratory-made virus that went out of control, originally intended as a military weapon. Such challenges include hypocrisy, poverty, fear, materialism, and immorality.


Today there is swine flu.

Maybe tomorrow there will be fish flu, because sometimes we create viruses by controlling them. This is a commercial business. Capitalist companies create viruses so they can create and sell vaccines. It is very shameful and bad morality. Vaccines and drugs should not be sold. In The Green Book, I think drugs should not be sold or commercialized. Drugs should be free and children should be vaccinated for free, but capitalist companies create and profit from viruses and vaccines. Why aren’t they free? We will give them free, and not sell them.

So, if you just look at what he said, I think that’s a very powerful thing.

Does it work in fear of people today?

Yes, of course.

But our own government being shady and opaque causes a lot of fear.

Not to mention all the negative hits “sCiEnCe” have been adopted lately.

We are at a stage in this country where our beloved Dame leaders want us to believe that corporations like big pharma are just a gentle attachment to the golden heart.

It is ironic that the Left has historically spent all their time and energy on monstrous corporations and big pharmacies – just as they were pretending to fight for the working class.

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Now, all of a sudden, corporations and big pharma are good people, and if you’re not on board with that stunning switchgear, you’re a Q-Cook conspiracy theorist who wants to destroy democracy.

Good luck.

None of this is normal, and it’s not “living” with the American people.

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