Her husband fell off his bicycle, but said. Jill looks like she’s in pure pain

Today has been another frustrating day for Joe Biden.

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I’m sure the action hates this guy, and I promise to go after him every day that his cheating butt sits inside the White House.

What happened this time?

Well, Joe and Jill took a Friday off to spend another weekend at the beach.

Must be beautiful, right? Americans can’t afford groceries or gas, but these two filthy rich swamps are living high.

However, Biden’s handlers probably thought it was a good time to get their guy on a bike so they could take some pictures of him and pretend he was really “fit and healthy”.

I’m sure that sounded like a good idea at the time, but “Joe” like everything else, those plans came down to chaos and epic failure.

Joke looked like an old woman in an ad for “I can’t fall and get up” without looking like a fitness picture.

Joe got stuck in his pedal.

Yes, just tip on the right.

He actually went down like a sack of hammer.


More news: [VIDEO] New slow-mo footage reveals why Biden fell off his bike… Joe’s “motor skills” shot?

But Jill doesn’t look like a picture of her own “fit and tidy” health.

Photographers captured a picture of Jill before Joe kissed her on the sidewalk, and she looked as if she had passed through the ringer… so much so that her helmet was actually turned to the side.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Journalist Ryan Savedra suggested that someone tell a “doctor” Jill how to wear a helmet … in fact, since the bidders seem to have fallen a lot.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“She doesn’t seem to be joking.”

“I just laughed. She looks like she’s having the most stressful day ever.”

“She looks like a genuine torture for her LOL.”

“That party is such a waste of tax money. Billions are being wasted to “save” an unelected Turkey and its perverted wife. ”

“Looking at Jill’s face, there’s a good chance her hemorrhoids are working.”

“I’ve never seen anyone get so stunned while riding a bike LOL”

“She’s worried Joe will fall, and she’s done LOL.”

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So, this picture of the fall of Jill and Joe made me think …

These two don’t really ride bikes, do they?

They do these things just for quick PR points and photo apps. Once or twice a year maybe 10 minutes, because if Ho was this “arrogant biker” he would know how his pedals work. And if Jill was this super cyclist, she knew how to keep her helmet straight.

The point is, these are the most fake people on the planet, and what they do is staged and fake.

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But for the record, I don’t think Joe actually fell because of the paddle. I think his motor skills are longer, thanks to his improved dementia.

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