Have you noticed a big difference in Joe Biden’s travel schedule?

If politicians want to fix this country seriously, one big thing they can do is stop reacting to everything with strict political bias.

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And it goes on both sides of the corridor, though, really, the left is a lot worse about this… shameless, really.

And this latest “change” in protocol surrounding Biden’s travel schedule is a real concern.

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Now, I’ve got it; Leftists don’t care if you call them hypocrites, they only care about political power – so, showing hypocrisy is pointless because Dames will never change.

However, with that being said, when hypocrisy is this dirty and horrible, it’s worth inviting everyone in the country to watch.

Every American killed in a terrorist attack is important… and we should all agree on that.


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But obviously, Joe Biden and his administrator don’t believe it because look at his upcoming itinerary compared to his past … Did you find the difference?


Here is a closeup of the images:



I mean, it would be nice if they could just try to see that they weren’t a complete and complete political hack, right?

A little effort to make them look like they’re not dirty scambags would be much appreciated …

And the real kicker here is the man who claimed he would “unite” the country.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Top hypocrisy, but not surprising at all.”

Democrats only care about their political agenda. # America is over

“So, he is sent out only when the shooting fits the leftist agenda. When a black man turns Christmas into a nightmare for a bunch of white people, no, no, no. ”

“Never let a crisis get in the way, but only one that fits the team’s narrative.”

“It’s always about the race with this Moffo.”

“If you were president of the United States, you would not be able to play the party this way. You have to be here for all Americans. “

It speaks volumes about the brutality of American politicians.

“Biden has lost support so badly, he’s hanging on to a cliff. They are trying their best to avoid accidents. “

“It’s all about politics. They don’t care about the people. Remember the funeral of Sicnic? Yet over the years they have insulted, humiliated and ignored the police. (Border patrol too) They only “care” when they can use it. Never let the crisis get in the way. ”

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The only person who divided us further was Joe’s boss Barry.

Now the biggest difference is that Americans are completely united in their dislike and dislike of old age Joe.

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