Grandpa reveals what could “set off” the Texas killer just before the violence …

There are still many questions surrounding the genocide at an elementary school in Texas, where a mentally ill 18-year-old monster killed 21 people, including 19 4th graders.

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First of all, why didn’t the police go inside and try to stop this lunatic? We have been told they do not want to be shot. An investigation is needed because the killer was allowed to kill the children for more than an hour without interruption.

But what started all this?

We know the baby is obviously sick and evil, but what stopped him?

Well, we have a clue what it was, thanks to his grandfather, who spoke to reporters about what happened that unfortunate day.

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As you probably know, Salvador Ramos started his heinous murder by shooting his grandmother. To this day I do not realize that he was actually alive, even though he shot her in the face.

According to the grandfather, Ramos told him he had to start “contributing” to the family and pay for his own cell phone.

Until then, Grandma had Ramos in her cell plan.

The New York Post reports that the grandfather of the gunman who shot at an elementary school in Texas said Thursday that his wife is recovering but their grandson is unable to speak after being shot in the face before the massacre.

“He’s awake and all, but he’s in pain,” Rolando Reyes told The Post about his wife, Celia Martinez Gonzalez.

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Reyes said Ramos would spend the day on the phone or sleep on the sofa by the front window of the house, but never denied seeing behavior that would make them believe he was capable of violence.

On the morning of the shooting, Ramos’ grandmother told him that he needed to contribute more to the family.

“My wife gave him her phone bill … added a phone line for him,” he said. “My wife told him, ‘It’s time you get our own line.'”

Granny can’t speak, and she can’t communicate in writing, but she’s awake and alert in the hospital.

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The grandfather says that two of his close friends lost their grandchildren in the murder, and he is worried that he will lose his friends forever, thanks to his grandson’s ill actions.

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