Grandpa has been arrested for killing his 3-year-old grandson during a brawl

You read stories like this, and you seriously wonder what’s going wrong with people.

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A small 3-year-old child would occasionally wake up in the middle of the night and “cry” and this led his mother to believe that he was possessed by an evil spirit and needed to be expelled.

So the foolish mother turned to her father, who was a pastor at a mad church in San Jose, California, and told him to cast out demons.

However, things went very wrong, and the poor little girl died inside the church… they suffocated and suffocated her for hours or hours after the torture.

The Daily Wire reports that the grandfather, Renেনে Trigueros Hernandez, priest of the Iglesia Apostolis y Prophets, confessed to his part in a ceremony last week where 3-year-old Aurelie Naomi Proctor was tied around her waist and neck. Try to vomit an evil spirit from his body. Proctor’s uncle was also arrested Wednesday for a role in an attempt to exorcise ghosts, and his mother was arrested earlier and charged Jan. 31.

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During the investigation, the San Jose Police Homicide Department identified three suspects responsible for the deaths: Victim’s mother Claudia Hernandez-Santos, Victim’s uncle Renেনে Aaron Hernandez-Santos and Victim’s grandfather Renez.

Court documents say Proctor’s mother told police she believed her daughter was possessed by an evil spirit “because the victim would wake up and scream or cry occasionally.”

The Daily Wire previously reported that the show that led to Proctor’s death lasted several hours, causing serious injuries to the girl’s eyes, face, neck and chest. Proctor died at the church where his family reportedly tried to haunt him. The medical examiner ruled that he had “died of asphyxiation”.

During the ceremony, Trigueros allegedly grabbed Hernandez and Hernandez-Santos Proctor. Trigueros Hernandez later admitted that Proctor’s death had caused him much pain, but he believed that what had happened was “God’s will.”

According to court documents, Hernandez-Santos did not call 911 until two hours after his daughter’s death, The Mercury News reported.

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You can watch the video below:

Mom basically shut the whole thing down as if it weren’t a big deal and the other members of the church did the same. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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That same person said then, maybe they could have handled things better and at least called an ambulance for the girl.

Good lord.

I hope those who rot in prison.

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