GoFundMe shuts down সহায়তা 1 million fundraiser to help Amber Pay Johnny

I can’t imagine there are so many people out there claiming to help a looted, lying Hollywood celeb to pay off his civic debt, but scammers are sure to have enough to make a million bucks.

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Apparently, Gofundme fundraisers out there are popping up to supposedly “support” Amber Hard and are now helping Johnny Depp pay off his 8 8+ million debt.

The problem is, these are scams and not a single penny will go to Amber … GoFundMe says it will all go into the pockets of scam artists.

Honestly, if I had to choose between the two, I’d probably donate more to an official scandal artist than Amber Hard.

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TMZ reports that GoFundMe Johnny Depp and Amber are wasting no time cracking down on pages trying to make money after a hard trial.
Shortly after the verdict, a fundraiser, created by a man named Kimberly Moore, was set up to help Hard. Moore claimed he had contacted Hard’s legal team and promised that Amber would have direct access to the money raised.

“I believe Amber and social media have protected the abuser,” Page wrote in a statement. The verdict exceeded its total value. It is very sad that he was able to come out of the abuse. The verdict is more of that abuse. If you can help him. “

However, a GoFundMe spokesperson said they were able to flag the profile quickly – before raising enough money. It was determined that neither Amber nor his team had created the page… and it was closed.

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So, if you, or someone you know, is dying to give money to a lying, fraudulent elite, beware … scammers are targeting you.

However, I’m sure Amber will take a personal check from you, which is made for cash.

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Maybe Amber herself is starting this GoFundMe, isn’t she? 3

I’m just waiting for someone to start paying his legal fees. Gee, I’m wondering if he’s regretting writing WAPO op-ed?

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