Former Obama official Liz Cheney urges “save America” ​​in 2024, most butts * t

I have to say; I’m loving the emotional and emotional breakdown that is happening on the left.

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The 2022 and 2024 freakouts are off the charts, but I think I’ve found the craziest so far.

It has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read and you have to watch it to believe it.

Do you know who Robert Rich is?

He was a small pint-sized communist who worked under Carter, Clinton and Obama.

Reich disappointed in Obama The Centrist - New York Times

Three Stooges.

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And now, although he is “pretending” to support Biden, like all the Paranoid Dams of today, he is suffering a complete internal catastrophe between 2022 and 2024 and it has gotten so bad that he is now urging Liz Cheney to run and “save America”. .

This little ding-a-ling actually thinks Liz Cheney can beat Trump.

This woman is going to lose her congressional seat by about 40 points, but yes, she can win at the White House.


I will have what Robert is smoking …

You got to read this nonsense from his substack.

My God, these people, who are considered “experts” and “educators”, are completely and utterly foolish:

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I have confidence in Joe Biden’s stability and justice, and if he runs again, I will probably support him in 2024. But today I would like to suggest to someone who is not even a Democrat, and whose position I (and I doubt you) strongly disagree with on many issues – but who could possibly be the best president of the United States for the dangerous time we are entering? .

I’m referring to Liz Cheney.

Please bear with me before you reject this idea. Even if you still think it’s a ridiculous idea, let me take you through the argument.

I have been in and around American politics for over half a century. I don’t see this nation as bitterly divided as it is now – not during the civil rights movement, not during the Vietnam War, not during Watergate. And it looks like the current divide is getting deeper and more dangerous.

Donald Trump didn’t just try a coup. He tried to push America into civil war. And he’s still in it – backing candidates who will repeat his big lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him, urging states to change their electoral laws so that Republican lawmakers can ignore the popular vote and their state secretary and other election Pressure to appoint secretary. Officials who will count the votes in a way that favors Republicans – especially him, if he is to run for president again in 2024.

In short, Trump wants a civil war centered on himself – on his Big Lie, and on racist nationalism he has fueled to build his political base. Trump’s narcissism is so poisonous that he is committed to dividing the nation because of his responsibility to it. As president, Trump never realized that he was the president of the United States as a whole. He considered himself the president of his supporters, whom he called “my people.” Those who did not support him were his enemies. Since the 2020 election, he has done everything possible to fight between his supporters and his so-called enemies. Clearly, this is his goal in 2024.

It would be impossible to reunite this nation without a leader who is the exact opposite of Trump – driven not by narcissism but by the rule of law and the Constitution – someone who has staked everything to oppose Trump’s democratic authoritarianism, someone wielding enormous power. A treasure trove of courage and honesty.

Since the Capitol attack, Liz Cheney has shown more courage and honesty than any other American politician. Democratic lawmakers have opposed Trump’s Big Lai for sure, but most knew they would not have to pay the price for their opposition. Cheney knew he had to pay a price – and he did.

Six days after the Capitol attack – when neither the House nor any other Republican in the Senate agreed to reprimand Trump – he said on the floor of the House:

Much more will become clear in the coming days and weeks, but what we know now is enough. The President of the United States summoned the crowd, rallied the crowd, and ignited the flames of the attack. Everything that was followed was there. None of this would have happened without the President. The president could have intervened immediately and forcibly to stop the violence. She didn’t. There has never been a greater betrayal of a President of the United States with his office and his oath to the Constitution.
The next day, Jan. 13, Cheney joined nine House Republicans and 222 Democrats in a vote to impeach Trump. He later agreed to become the vice-chairman of the committee investigating the January 8 mutiny.

As a result of this action, Trump and House GOP leaders have tried to oust Cheney from the party. House Republicans have revoked his status as the third-highest-ranking leader in the Republican Caucus. Wyoming Republicans have condemned him. Trump and the Republican Party are backing his primary rival in Wyoming, Harriet Hegman, whose campaign has been heavily funded by right-wing groups. Polling shows Cheney facing an uphill battle to retain his seat.

But he was not upset.

Last Thursday evening, at the start of the committee’s televised hearing, Cheney raised the case against Trump, which he argued put the Republic in “the moment of greatest danger” that had never been seen before. “The sacred obligation to defend this peaceful transfer of power has been honored by every American president – except one,” he said. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Trump.

As I said, Cheney is a staunch conservative and I oppose many of his positions. But we are at this point in this nation on a set of principles that transcend any particular position or principle. If we cannot agree on the sanctity of the constitution and the rule of law, then we are no longer worthy of self-government.

The real battle in 2024 will not be between Democrats and Republicans. It will be a force for democracy in America and among those who support dictatorship. Trump is the real leader of the authoritarian forces. Liz Cheney has become the de facto leader of the pro-democracy forces.

He concludes this Blaber Fest:

The courage and honesty of Liz Cheney is closer to that of almost any current politician of Paul Wellstone than I can imagine. All Americans need him to run for president in the Republican primary in the 2024 election. Do we need to win it?

Stage 5 TDS is amazing to see how badly these people’s brains have been eaten.

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Either that, or maybe they’ve always been unknown dummies?

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