Former defense attorney Mark Asper’s book, “A Holy Oath,” reveals evidence

By remaining silent about Trump’s ignorance and violent persuasion, Mark Asper and other Republican officials have put Americans and our allies at risk. They were fortunate that they were able to speak to him from the peaceful protesters and the shots fired by Mexican asylum seekers. Since being killed in the election, he has become extremely angry, vindictive and corrupt. Leaving this disturbing information about Trump hidden bought him time to further poison the Republican Party and call anti-democratic propaganda a “big lie.” Corruption and malpractice MAGA has become normal because men like Esper have not declared the American president dangerous Threat to national security.
John Bolton served as a political appointee in both the Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush administrations. Trump’s 17 months as national security adviser in the Trump administration have led to Trump being disqualified. Bolton was one of the primary recruiters who was experienced and qualified to work in high level government. He was among the first wave of officials to either resign or be fired because they rejected Trump or slammed him.

In his book, Bolton makes some claims about how Trump managed himself as president:

  • Trump “saw the conspiracy behind the rocks and was utterly ignorant of how to run the White House, let alone the huge federal government.”
  • There were only two intelligence briefings a week “and in most of them, he spoke at longer lengths than the briefer, often on issues completely unrelated to the issues at hand.”
  • Trump has not made any decisions that were not driven by re-election calculations. “
  • The president eventually “requested” Xi Jinping of China to help him run for re-election.
  • Joe Biden tried to force political aid from Ukrainian President Zelensky by cutting off military supplies if he did not help find dirt.

Trump legally tried to stop publishing every book about his behavior as president. Books by former members of his administration have published similar information about his incompetence. With expertise in areas related to the constitution, foreign policy, national security, the economy, climate change, social justice, and the military, career government officials report that Trump had limited or no knowledge of many of these areas. In particular, he lacked an understanding of how a democratic government works. All of these books, written by hard-core Republican super-conservatives, add to the growing narrative that Trump is an incompetent dictatorial gunman trying to destroy democracy. The silence about Trump’s behavior by these former Trump allies was patriotic and gave Trump more time to embed his extremist MAGA ideology in the minds of those he calls “dumb.” Although coming late, these revelations about Trump are annoying and should be used by Democrats in their messaging as a medium-term approach.

General McMaster was one of many generals and admirals whose descriptions of Trump’s behavior as president were incompetent, Putin-friendly, passionate, violent, and most concerned about his popularity, which is best for America. McMaster and other military leaders were alarmed by Trump’s lack of knowledge of how to manage the military, his limited understanding of the constitution, and his admiration for rival dictators. His use of the historically racist slogan “Make America Great Again” is a complete “big lie.” Are Trump voters so lazy, uneducated, or star-stricken that they believe what they are told without knowing it is true? Can’t conservative voters find a mentally normal candidate who is competent, sympathetic, competent, not racist, honest, transparent and respects the rule of law? His followers are childish and humiliated in praise of America’s national embarrassment.

Another big lie and slogan Trump used the word “Rhino” (Republican only in name) to gaslight his supporters. The ability to create false messages that capture votes was his only skill to bring to office. He uses the word “reno” to label someone who does not blindly support what he says, wants or does. Republicans who reject Trump are patriots with a proven track record of hardline conservatism. Trump is a fake. In the past he has voted Pro-Choice, Pro-Clinton, Democrat and not secular.

Trump was “Rino-chief. ”

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