Feed cut on NBC January 6 Shyam Hearing LOL

Okay, it looks like NBC has a dirty rating … at least for yesterday.

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They cut the feed for the January 6 evening hearing and moved to the US Open.

Smart move, guys.

Can you imagine that networks are coming out in this way all day to promote this nonsense? The nearly 3-hour protest that went “out of hand” almost two years ago is now taking over the main TV slots.

How unreasonable.

More news: Wow! President Trump shook the whole J6 committee as he could … Now what, Liz?

Half the people who turn on their TV and watch this nonsense probably don’t know what they’re watching.

Jack Holmes, a reporter for Esquire, tweeted:… You can almost hear sadness in his typing.


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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Well, the US Open golf tournament has more credible information.”

“Well, these sounds silly.”

“No one cares about this hearing. Everyone thinks about inflation and fuel costs and rising interest rates. Everything else is politics and it does nothing for me and everyone else.

“No one is watching the hearing and NBC is trying to fix their ratings. US Open Golf for Rescue 😉 ”

“Leaving the circus must be devastating for you and your colleagues.”

“I just lost my leisure in Joe’s amazing economy. I need some golf to forget this hell. ”

“Probably because political theater is annoying … more annoying than golf.”

“I voted for Biden, and these hearings are pushing me so hard because I don’t think they’re important, but because they’re not important, and if we don’t get smart and start listening to the American people, we’re going to end up with Trump again.” Going to do ”

“I work in a huge law firm, lobby TV is in everything and literally no one is talking about it. We are all recovering from our 401K loss. “

Americans can’t afford groceries or gas, the housing market has gone wild and the middle class can no longer afford to buy a home, but Dames is worried about vandalizing Chuck Schumer’s fax machine 18 months ago.

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These bums and their friends vote out.

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