FBI Lovebirds Peter Strojk and Lisa Page are now “hiding” from President Trump

Where are ex-lovebirds Lisa Page and Peter Strojk?

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It’s anyone guessing at the moment.

Looks like the horrible couple is either hiding or they’ve moved away because after Six tried to serve them both, Trump’s lawyers still can’t find them.

It’s unclear whether the two of them are cheating together or they’re all docking officers at the same time, but themselves.

Either way, the Trump guys can’t find them.

Bizpacreview reports that President Donald Trump is seeking to sue former FBI officials Peter Strojk and Lisa Page who contributed to defaming him during a Russian conspiracy, but his attorneys have been unable to identify and serve them six different times.

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Efforts have been underway since March to find the left-wing pair so they can file a 108-page lawsuit, according to new court documents.

Trump’s attorneys told a Florida federal judge that the last attempt was June 30. This fact has been revealed in a brief status report related to the case involving the main accused Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and 20 others. Other Democrats in the conspiracy to tie Trump to Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Strojak and Page were once intimately involved. They now maintain a separate, but universal profile after cheating with their wives while trying to oust Trump in 2017.

Of course, Peter has hinted to Business Insider that he is not hiding, he has not yet received his papers.

Of course, Pete …

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“I’m still not a party to the lawsuit – unless the plaintiffs influence services, which they did,” Strojak told Business Insider in an interview Tuesday night, claiming he was not hiding from the process server.

I think he’s being sarcastic, and enjoying the “cat and mouse” game.

Meanwhile, Lisa Page is a law analyst at NBC… maybe she should give herself some advice on complying with the law?

As it stands now, it turns out that the two adulterers are the only ones whose papers have not been given.

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President Trump filed the lawsuit three months ago.

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