Experts in Hollywood say “no way back” for Amber Hard … her career is now “now”

Liars and deceivers never succeed.

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They may move away from it for a while, but in the end, their world always breaks down.

Just look at Joe Biden, who’s a walking disaster… and it’s going to get worse for him, believe me.

This is exactly what is happening now in the case of Amber Hard, who is believed by many to have used the #MeToo movement to “cash in” for some vital PR and support from Hollywood, fans and producers who saw her as a so-called “victim”.

And it worked for a while, when Johnny Depp, her ex-husband, was “canceled” by Hollywood … she lost her entire career, thanks to the allegations leveled against her by Herd and wrote in a WAPO op-ed.

Well, Depp sued him, and 6 weeks after the evidence, a jury did not believe him, and most of America agreed.

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Now, Amber is stuck paying back about 8 8 million to her ex-husband, and according to experts, her Hollywood career is over.

The Daily Mail reports that after seeing a jury in North Virginia that Amber Hard actually defamed her ex-husband Johnny Depp, some experts say her career could be better off in Hollywood.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor won a major victory across the board on Wednesday after a six-week trial where the actor sued the actress for $ 50 million, while he countered for $ 100 million. In the end, Hardk was left with বিল 8.35 million in bills to Depp, a verdict he promised to appeal.

Depp was effectively rewarded with 10.35 million for his suit, and Hard was rewarded with $ 2 million for it.

“Experts suggest that ‘there’s no way back for Hollywood hard’, adding that the dramatic six-week court battle has left the 36-year-old actress ‘too hard for a studio’, raising questions about her career and future earnings,” the Daily Mail reported. Reported.

Hard’s problems may extend beyond his Hollywood career.

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“Hollywood executives are unlikely to consider her for the lead role. Financially, the actress and eyewitnesses have hinted at her financial problems, while the huge support for Depp could be avoided by brands and companies,” Mail wrote.

Also, Hardy’s assets could be effective, including a $ 570,000 hiding place in the Yuka Valley, as well as a Range Rover he got divorced from, according to the Daily Mail.

Amber cannot use bankruptcy law to get out of this payment.

The only way Johnny Depp can be released is if he doesn’t ask for money.

We’ll see how it works, but if you ask me, Johnny should go after 7 7 million – that’s what he divorced and claimed he was donating to “charity.”

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Which he never did, by the way.

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