Email reported from Whistleblower reveals hidden “anti-Trump” agenda

If you really pay attention to what’s going on in the conservative media world, there’s nothing surprising in what I’m going to tell you.

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But, most people don’t have the time or energy to pay close attention to all the political subtleties going on in right-wing media circles, so most of you will probably be quite stunned.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “conservative” website “Daily Wire”, right?

Looks like they’re the only right-wing sites that aren’t throttle and censored on Facebook … the rest of us are fighting to keep our heads above water, but the Daily Wire is growing.

For a while, it became a mystery how the Daily Wire we all live in this conservative anti-world, but we may have the answer now.

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I am fully aware the Daily Wire is not a “pro-Trump” site.

Many of their writers, such as Matt Walsh, Eric Erickson, and Ryan Savedra, are not fans of Trump, and never have been .. and if they voted for him, it was probably really reluctant.

But I didn’t realize the Daily Wire was on a secret anti-Trump mission?

It’s a “whistleblower” who claims to be the “internal email” of co-founder Jeremy Boring.

Another co-founder of The Daily Ware is Ben Shapiro, and he refused to vote for Trump in 2016 but said he voted for him in 2020.

But according to Whistleblower, co-founder Jeremy Boring admits his site is anti-Trump. “

Not only that, but it also appears that he thinks most Trump supporters are “racist.”

The information came to light when filmmaker Amanda Millias, who made the hit film “The Plot Against the President,” had an argument with Mr. Boring on Twitter when he called her and Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire. The article they wrote in 2016 claims that Trump will not convert SCOTUS:

Amanda posted two emails from a Daily Wire Whistleblower and they are very annoying.

Here is a closeup of the emails:

What a great.

If this email is true, and Mr. Boring does not comment on it as its publication, will it be seen that the Daily Wire has a very secret agenda?

Good to know.


Jeremy (and Ben) made it clear again in 2016 that President Trump would not change SCOTUS. Boy, were they wrong, huh?

TDS can really cloud your judgment.


One could argue that if the Daily Wire claims to people behind the scenes that they are “anti-Trump”, it could get them some advantage with their big tech boys.

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Sadly, the rest of us, who support the Trump and America First movements, are drowning in mass censorship.

It’s scary to think, but if the “Conservatives” had found their way into the Daily Ware in 2016, today’s Row vs. Wade decision wouldn’t have happened.

They have certainly fought hard to stop President Trump.

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