Elon Musk has identified the most serious mistake made by Joe Biden

I think Elon Musk nailed it when he called Joe Biden a very critical mistake on Twitter.

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Now, I don’t agree with what Elon says, as in the case of Biden’s “being elected.”

Sorry, but nothing in the world will convince me that in old age, Buffon, who lives in the basement, got 81 million legal votes.

But, do I think Americans were tired of watching “drama”?

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It was four years of liberalism and media drama… adults acting like children, and journalists behaving like hungry political activists… we all fell ill.

But I believe Elon has nailed the key point about Joe Biden, where he says he made a serious mistake by thinking the Americans wanted him to “transform” the country.

We don’t want any “transformation”, especially from a bojo who is being controlled by radical climate nutbags.

That part Elon got right.

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Here is what Elon said: “Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he was chosen to change the country, but in fact everyone wanted less drama.”

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he has been elected. # 2000MulesMovie “

“He was not elected. He was promoted.”

“God loves Elon, but the words biden and” thought “should never be in the same sentence.”

“Brandon was not elected my brother he was founded by deep state and leftist communist democratic cult regimes that infiltrated the City County and State Electoral Departments! If you want to see some illegal drama at a glance, watch 2000 Mules! ”

“Please see” 2000 mule “He was not elected!”

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Personally, I think some people who actually voted for Joe Biden are emotionally stunted in a personality disorder and an unhealthy obsession with Trump, and they saw the 2020 election as a kind of Harry Potter movie where “Voldemort” had to be defeated.

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