Elon Musk explains exactly why there will be a “red tsunami” in 2022

At the moment, I think we can all agree on the following:

The full form of D is Deranged, and R means Rational.

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In the United States today, we are literally here in politics.

Dames has gone so far incredibly to the left that they are unrecognizable.

Have you ever thought in your lifetime that we would be here:

Pregnant man, child 3: Thomas BT has given birth to a boy - CBS News

If it doesn’t get you out and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable, I think there’s something wrong with you.

More news: [VIDEO] Correspondent Boebert has just revealed a quiet plot about the government’s “confusion” game plan

Sorry, not sorry. I’m a believer in God, and a lover of true “science,” not the mentally distorted version that the Left is doing business now.

Things have gotten so monstrous and so insane that ordinary Americans, even some more socially liberals, look at this thing and say, “Oh, let’s pump the brakes, folks …”

But Biden admin will not pump the brakes. They are literally the slaves of the radical French, who are talking nonsense like calling women “birth men” and “bleeders”. And those who tell us that aborting a baby until birth is “loving” and cutting off the genitals of a 4-year-old is completely normal because they think they have a different “sex.”

It’s demonic, and it’s a mental illness, and the scary part is that we have a government that has stamped their approval on all this madness, and it’s * terrifying * ordinary and conscientious Americans, big time.

It is having such an effect on the people that they are leaving the Dame party in groups. Independents are staring at this crazy nonsense thinking, “Holy wow, that doesn’t represent me …”

And that’s exactly why Elon Musk has vowed to vote Republican for the first time in his life… and he thinks there are many more like him, and that’s why 2022 will be a political bloodbath.

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Here is what Elon said: “I just switched from moderate D to moderate R, as I think many independent voters did. We will know the level of this trend in November. I think it’s big. “

I agree with Elon. I think a lot of people are looking at this and wondering what the hell is going on.

Even many liberals and dams.

But we cannot sit still and rest on our dignity. We have to be proactive and flood the vote.

We’re still experiencing tons of mail-in ballot fraud, even after clearing a lot of things … just look at what’s happening now in PA’s GOP primary.

Again, this is like a third world country.

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So, get involved, keep fighting and vote in 2022.

No matter how many people tell you that this is a red tsunami, you consider it as if we are in a hole and coming from behind, because thanks to deception, in many cases, we are.

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