Elder Biden continues to ignore questions about his age if he runs

Since Joe Biden cannot avoid being questioned about his age, concerned Democrats are evaluating whether he will actually be able to run for re-election in 2024, when he will be 81 years old.

Concerns about the party’s possible defeat in the midterm elections this autumn and concerns about its existence two years later are now coming to light.

Inflation is currently extremely high, and concerns about a recession are intensifying. Biden’s approval rating did not recover from the recession late last summer.

Some Democrats are now openly debating whether the party needs a different and younger leader in the upcoming presidential election.

Entrepreneur Andrew Young, who faced the decision to fight independently against Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2020, told The Hill, “I hope Joe will run again and his age will be a legitimate concern for many people.”

Even before he ran for a second term, “Joe is already our oldest president,” he declared. More evidence of age-related preoccupation comes from voting. In a recent Harvard-Harris poll, 62 percent of respondents felt that Biden was “showing that he is too old to be president.”

Last Thursday, Mark Leibovich of the Atlantic wrote an article with the following introduction: “Let me be clear: Joe Biden should not be re-elected in 2024. He is much older.

The Conservative editorial board of The Wall Street Journal reacted to the disgusting assessment on Sunday: “The truth is that the president has indicated that he has lost a linguistic, and perhaps emotional, step in the first Democratic candidate debate of 2019. He did not change.

Other polls, which do not specifically address the age of the president, provide similarly disappointing results for Tim Biden. According to a YouGov and Yahoo poll published this week, 64% of those polled said they did not want Biden to run for president again. A Democratic strategist admits, speaking anonymously to address a subtle issue, “Look, this is a problem.”

Everyone agrees that he is as old as F-6, but if they displease him or the people around him, they don’t want to highlight it.

Biden “looks old and looks old and that’s not a pretty look for the White House,” according to a Biden loyalist who spoke regularly with White House staff. This person believes that stamina is a more important factor than age.

Mitra said, “It all became settled and if he could take the job. “I still believe the answer is yes. However, after a few years ask me about how I feel.

Biden’s age is not a concern for many Democrats who praised his wisdom and mature leadership in interviews.

Most of the president’s supporters applauded him for leading the coronavirus epidemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There is a widespread perception that Biden has received unfavorable political hands from fate over inflation and rising gas prices, two factors that hurt Democrats the most.

These voices indicate that when Biden defeated former President Trump in the Democratic primary and general election less than two years ago, his level head was considered a net plus.

David Paper, former chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, noted that Joe Biden is no longer older than he was when he won. The fact that he is two years older than when he won is not breaking news.

He commented, “This is the person who won the primary; He has won it decisively, he has won the White House, and he is facing a lot of challenges, which he has inherited. When we have a serious problem to solve, talking about his age is not helpful at all.

Democrats have a few small options if they want to take a different path, but it’s not clear who among them will be a better contender in the general election than Biden. They include Sen. Amy Cloboucher (D-Min), 62, Vice President Harris, 57, and Pete Butigig, 40, Secretary of Transportation.

In a discussion about Biden’s presidency, Democratic strategist Brad Bannon argued that age should not be a factor. “Presidents should be judged on merit, not age,” he said. Before he decides to run for president in 2024, he deserves more time to fix the nation. If the situation is not very good in one year, he will have to think seriously about taking part in the re-election. No choice will be made very soon.

Biden has publicly announced that he will run for president if he is in good health. According to The Hill, he personally gave the same advice to former President Obama.

Young argued that either Biden or Trump would win the election. There is no specific hero that Democrats can see. Who won a controversial, competitive primary? No one is aware. After Trump’s announcement, I believe Democrats will choose continuity and unity.

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