During polo, Prince Harry suffered an embarrassing fall in front of celebrity friends

The prince, formerly known as Harry, has not been able to take a break lately.

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After he and his wife quietly left the UK and returned to California, Harry played some polo in front of his celebrity friends at Santa Barbara’s exclusive and highly exclusive polo club.

You can clearly see that Harry is in very “contact” with the average person, which is why he keeps telling us all how we should think, feel and live. It’s amazing how he can do that in a polo match.

And speaking of those polo matches, you think Harry would be better at them, but he’s not.

When Harry tried to show off his skills in front of his rich celebrity friends, things got awkward and the ex-prince fell off his horse embarrassingly.

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The Daily Mail reports that Prince Harry fell off his horse in front of his celebrity friends when he returned to the polo field in California after a flying tour of Britain for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee where he had only ‘quite a formal’ 15 minutes with her. Grandma

The Duke of Sussex, 37, was unhurt in the Santa Barbara polo and racket club incident as it was on his journey, but it was a bad omen for the royals whose Los Padres team also lost 12-11 yesterday.

The results did not disappoint Harry, as he was spotted hanging out with friends on the sidelines, including American Idol runner-up Catherine McPhee, 38, her composer husband David Foster, 72, and their youngest son, Renee.

Mr Foster, who is only a year younger than Prince Charles, has been described by some as a “father” to Harry. The prince is said to have had a strained relationship with the Prince of Wales and his brother William, as he and Meghan left the royal family and moved to the United States.

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The confusing move comes after he and his fiance Meghan were raised on the Queen’s birthday.


Needless to say, most people were only concerned about horses:

“I don’t care about the stylish Harry, are the horses okay?”

The title should be “Horse Falls, Thanks to Jacques Harry.”

“Curse Megan … more to come, trust me”

“How symbolic. In short, this is Harry’s life. ”

“Pray for the horse.”

“Let’s be real, this is the horse we’re thinking about.”

“Even the horse is upset with him.”

“There’s no telling if the horse is OK and that’s the only thing we care about.”

“I’m reminded of a sketch of Monty Python’s high-class tweet of the year.”

“Apparently he went through 3 horses that day. At what point is it not polo and just ordinary animal cruelty?

“Can we get horse updates?”

“Yeah, polo, something we all farmers play and love … Harry is so down.”

“.. hit the head, knowledge comes, file for divorce haha”

“Stupid titles are rich kids sports. Poor horse! ”

I think the person who brought the “Megan Curse” is right.

We already see that Harry, the once popular royal, is now under water with his approval rating.

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Literally and figuratively.

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