During Donald Trump’s inaugural hearing, the delegate was confused by Liz Cheney

With the ingenuity of an experienced prosecutor, Republican Liz Cheney has presented a template of information, evidence and proof that Donald Trump has committed crimes against democracy from the night he lost the election until the January 6 uprising. William Barr, Trump’s attorney, Shawn Hannity, Ivanka Trump, more than 60 federal judges and witnesses have not yet appeared, telling Trump he has lost. However, his inability to relinquish power and to deal with the reality of being a “loser” sent him into a spiral of misconduct that made him vulnerable to charges against the US government. Chen also repeatedly mentioned that Trump knew the Capitol attack was violent. He added that while VP Pence, Speaker Pelosi and Capitol and DC police were at risk during the attack, Trump did not call on the National Guard, Homeland Security, military or any other help to stop the violence. Eyewitnesses to the violent uprising are expected to describe Trump’s enjoyment and support for the rioters. He was right with the violence because it was an exhibition. Their love for him and their country. As Cheney reiterated, Trump was once again ineligible for the presidency and he is ineligible.

Ramp attorney John Eastman came up with a corrupt plan to overturn the election, using tactics that are perfectly consistent with Trump’s pursuit of pathological lies and power corruption. Some plots include, 1) filing a lawsuit in federal court claiming electoral fraud without evidence, 2) spreading lies and using the illusion to convince its voters that the lie is true, 3) trying to lure fake state voters into swing states for rewards He was told by Joe Biden’s vote, 4) to try to seize the Dominion voting machine to manipulate them, 5) to pressure Vice-President Mike Pence not to certify the election votes and to prevent a peaceful transfer of power, 6) Georgia’s Secretary of State told 11,780 Vote “find”, 1 vote more than Joe Biden is enough to win the state. 7) When all other corrupt, dishonest elections try to steal, Trump will call on his supporters to come to DC, the Capitol and “fight like hell” to save democracy. He lied that he had evidence that Democrats and Republicans had stolen his presidency from him.

The actions he took to exploit the foundations of the white supremacist group and to infer to others and to believe in the “big lie” were illiterate, illiterate in the constitution.. The Jan. 6 committee has documentation of what Trump did to incite his supporters to violently steal the presidency from Biden and try to get him back. Scholars who say that none of this evidence will change the mind that no one likes Trump can be more wrong than this. Trump’s fatigue has created a scandalous, misleading, trivial, lying, power-hungry, dictator-loving fear Authoritarian is even scary for some Trump voters. Easy solution: Support his complaint and find another Republican to support.

A federal judge in California has suggested that John Eastman committed a federal crime. Donald Trump seems to have followed the plan closely and documented the evidence to create a lawsuit to accuse him of serious federal crimes against our government. “Stable and talented” could not be more wrong about Donald Trump. He has intimidated and intimidated people, so these transparent corrupt tactics have gone unpunished. However, the committee’s inaugural hearing on January 6 indicated a referral from them to Attorney General Merrick Garland. Constitutional pundits agree that if he goes extinct and does not accuse Trump and his allies, he says in America, the president is above the law. If that happened then we would all be in for a rude awakening. Sadly, due to concerns about weakness and criticism of partisan politics, Democrats have not fought hard enough against Trump. But this committee is going to do just that.

,Foreign leaders who respect and support Trump are a dangerous enemy of the United States. Why isn’t that a red flag for Republicans? That fact should not concern all Americans? Democrats need to repeat Trump’s destructive behavior, angry behavior, and uncontrollable, unusual cloning of what a president should look like, with evidence. England took the opportunity and spoke the truth; Now, the democrats have to go beyond the name and go to the path of justice with an abandoned commitment to democracy. Michelle Obama’s propaganda “When they go low, we go high” was ethical but failed. We are fighting for our democracy, And our efforts cannot prioritize playing safely Tough game over.

The most repetitive phrase from Liz Cheney’s presence at the hearing was:

Cheney’s courage in pursuing his values ​​and patriotism reflects how vulnerable Republican men have become in their relationship with Trump.

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