Donald Trump has made it normal to ignore and violate the Constitution, so the rules

Why does the Supreme Court have the ultimate power, no accountability for lack of honesty, be able to lie, break legal precedents and then expect to show respect? Why should right-wing extremist judges be politically biased, who should unethically decide on the laws and rights of a racist, authoritarian former president who represents the ideology of one-third of Americans? Why would anyone follow a law that discriminates, kills or insults other people? The biblical culture of the Republican Party is entering our government dangerously. The Supreme Court should highlight the corruptions and features of the MAGA movement Vote against lifelong appointment 7 It is ancient and dangerous and divided.

The laws that Donald Trump has broken Corrupt And dangerous for democracy. The judges he has chosen know that he is a criminal and yet they appear to be in the MAGA, which means most Americans should. Reject its credibility The court. What would Republicans do if Obama violated this law:

Republicans have broken their allegiance to the Constitution in order to maintain the goodwill of law-breaker Donald Trump. If politicians can break the law, they cannot expect their constituency to follow the law passed by any court in our judiciary.
  • 18 US Code § 872: “Extortion by U.S. officials or employees“(He tried to persuade the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Bid).
  • 2 US Code § 192, “Refusal of witnesses to testify or present papers”(Refusal to cooperate with Subponas).
  • 18 US Code § 610: “Coercion in political activities“(Attempts to force Ukrainian diplomat Bill Taylor to take part in political activities.)
  • 18 U.S. Code § 595, when a person uses his or her official authority to interfere with or influence the nomination or election of a candidate for the presidency. “
  • 18 US Code § 607, “Place of request”(Tried to contribute to his political campaign from the Oval Office).
  • 52 US code § 30121, “Contributions and grants by foreign nationals“(Basically, it is illegal to ask for grants from foreign nationals from anywhere).
  • The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the election came from. (Evidence has been collected by the committee on January 7 about the coup).
  • Spreading false information about the election results violates the Washington DC General Fraud Act
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller lied under oath in a written statement.
  • Violation of the foreign allowance clause located in Article I, Article 9, Article 8 of the Constitution (having profit, gain or benefit from foreign power).
Since the beginning of his presidency, Trump has told thousands of proven lies and successfully spread Russian-style propaganda to enlighten the ignorant, uneducated, racist, evangelical, greedy Americans. The end of cult leaders is not good, so the days of his glory are numbered.

The response to the anti-abortion draft, written by Justice Samuel Alito, could signal the end of credibility for the Supreme Court. How can Americans respect a judge appointed by a traitorous president? Not the majority of us. Read the draft. Alito is a scary, cruel man. Alito quotes Sir Matthew Hale, a 17th-century English jurist who executed two women for “witchcraft” and wrote in defense of marital rape. Sorry old Alito, but what you think about abortion is irrelevant to women.

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