Don Jr. took a flamethrower for the rest of Liz Cheney’s political career

Don Jr. has a midas touch when it comes to election approval and fighting like his father.

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And he’s using that sheer force to bring down GOP’s biggest traitor and RINO – Liz Cheney.

There is no greater enemy of “America First” than Cheney, and Don Jr. is using his political power to bring down this great Ol ‘Rino.

And with this latest move, Don Jr. just took a leap into Liz’s tragic political career.

Burn baby burn.

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Fox News reports that an outside party led by Donald Trump Jr. is taking a three-week ad blitz in Wyoming, in support of Harriet Hegman, the Republican congressional candidate who is the primary challenging GOP Republican lease in support of former President Donald Trump. Cheney.

“For too long, Liz Cheney has bowed to Democrat elites like Nancy Pelosi,” the younger Trump complained in a new ad, which was first shared with Fox News Digital on Tuesday. “That’s why my father, Harriet Hegman, supported Congress. Hegemann will protect our borders and our constitution.

“That’s why I’m officially joining President Donald Trump and Harriet Hegman for Congress. She deserves Congresswoman Wyoming, ”Trump stressed on the junior spot.

The youngest Trump is the honorary chairman of the organization Wyoming Values ​​PAC behind the ad.

The group has previously targeted Cheney with billboards across the state – a vocal anti-Trump Republican – and supports Hegemann. But it is the first TV ad for Protect Wyming Values, and the group says it will spend half a million dollars – a big sum in Wyoming’s cheap media market – to run the spot for the former president’s May 28 rally with Caspar Hegemann, Wyoming.

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You can watch the video below:

This is what we need to do. We need to focus all our energy on the 2022 primaries and bring out these treacherous RINOs as much as possible.

We can’t win office with them.

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Right now, right now, they are bigger enemies to us than Dames and they must go.

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