Don Jr. rocks the internet when he responds so much to Elon Musk

Creating a pattern …

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U.S. billionaires, who are much loved and admired for decades, are suddenly “rapists”, “sex offenders” and “racists”, secondly they support conservative politics.

This is a real head-scratcher how can this happen, right? These people have been cherished for decades, and their lives have been open books… but someone like President Trump or Elon Musk decides they want to support conservative politics and criticize leftist hatred and insanity, suddenly, like magic. , They are rapists and KKK members.

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It’s amazing to me that so many liberal voters are dumb enough to believe this hui, but we’re here.

So, we’ve all seen what the Left tried to do with President Trump, even Justice Kavanagh – remember when they falsely claimed he was a “serial gang rapist”? The conspiracy of that leftist delusion was one of the most shameless, heinous stains in our country … Yet, Demra wants to say January 6th is the worst thing since 9/11.

Give me a break.

And now, they’ve pulled out their knives again and they’re following Elon with painful “normal” and tired sexual abuse allegations.

They do not deviate from their playbook.

Elon spoke of the fake attack in a tweet.

Here is what he said: “With the announcement of Twitter’s acquisition, they launched all kinds of attacks. In my 30-year career, including the entire MeToo era, there’s nothing to report, but, as soon as I say I want to restore freedom of speech on Twitter and vote for Republicans, all of a sudden there. “

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Don Jr. saw the tweet and responded to Elon with a blister tweet and a short message.

Here is what Junior said: “Welcome to Club Elon.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Here is a closeup of the meme:


Sadly, that meme is true.

Dames uses women as weapons … they take something as serious as “sexual harassment” to discredit their political enemies and forge it.

It’s disgusting and disgusting… and these are the people who want to create a “ministry of truth.” Get out of here.

I want to remind you that most Americans have been caught up in this scandal so far.

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I hope most of us are smart enough to realize that this is a politically traumatic act and a misleading propaganda run by the evil communist left, who will never stop holding on to power.

I will tell you – 2022 will answer this question.

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