Dinesh D’Souza showed off his new “arrogance t-shirt” and you’ll love it

Well, this is the time of year when everyone must stop what they are doing and worship the country’s most “marginal” and “discriminatory” group, taking part in parades, parties, non-stop shows and documentaries, and rainbow-themed. Excessive purchase of goods.

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It’s a month of pride… and if you don’t celebrate someone else’s sex, you’re an orthodox.

The way it is presented, however …

But sorry people, I don’t celebrate anyone’s life – I don’t care who they are, I’m not “celebrating” them … and they can call me by all the names in the world; It won’t affect me in the least.

More news: Don’t let the “20 million” number fool you, ratings for the “January 6 hearing” were a huge flop

What I find strange is that we are still pretending that coming out as LGBTQLMNOP is “amazing and daring” যদি if you ask me, there is nothing as amazing and daring as “coming out” when the whole country is forced. Celebrate you for a month. It seems to me that you are really accepted and you don’t have to worry too much.

I declare that as a “Trump supporter” it will be much more difficult and dangerous, to be honest.

But since everyone is celebrating this month, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has decided to make Pride fun with his own cool outfit.

Dinesh was smiling in a recent photo adorned with his “arrogance” shirt, which I feel you will love.

The shirt features proud members of the LGBFJB community.

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Oops, now there’s a movement I can get on board with …

Of course, LGB and FGB are references to “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F ** k Joe Biden” which came to define Joe Biden’s pathetic and false so-called “Presidency”.

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And if you want to get a shirt, you can go Here And pick your favorite PRIDE look.

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