Dems has found the only way to win 2022 midterm

Demra knows what’s coming in November.

They accepted it, but their fight was not over.

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They know that if they stay the way they are now, the light will go out for them.

So, they come up with a last-ditch plan to try to pick up an intermediate win …

And Tucker says it’s an inconvenience, and he’s got a blueprint for their plan, which is being revealed as we talk.

Here is what Tucker said in his op-ed section of Fox News:

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Instead of trying to fix the country, they decided to destroy it and just start over. If you look from the outside, it looks like they were fit. They erupt in uncontrollable, nihilistic rage. They removed the plates from the table, punched a hole in the drywall, threw a base at the TV: “Burn it. Let’s get started.” They call it the equity agenda and you should have been nervous when you talked to them about it, because every time they talked about the equity agenda they scolded. Joe Biden was outraged at his own inauguration. He promised hope, but in the end he distributed division and anger. This Biden the day he became president:

Biden: And now the rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must deal with and we must defeat. Our history has been a constant struggle within the American ideology that we have all been created equal and the harsh, ugly reality that racism, nativism, fear, monstrosity have isolated us for so long. The war is perennial.

Huh? What was that? That was not the deal. We got rid of the orange people and you still call me racist? Why are you doing that? Why aren’t you trying to unite the country? Why don’t you win over those who didn’t vote for you? They did not spend a single day doing it. Instead, they moved in the opposite direction at higher speeds. They suddenly announced that intrusion was a crime and that Trump had thrown voters in jail. There are still many of them. They have talked about politicizing the heaviest armed federal agencies, from the FBI to the DHS to the Pentagon. It will make you nervous and they did it for a reason because they believed their political opponents were criminals and you know it because they said it. They call them Nazis and white hegemonists. You!


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Then why are they talking like this? Well, what else will they talk about? Their record in Detroit for the last 60 years? No. The Democratic Party has decided that the only way to retain power is to convince the electorate that the other side is dangerous in order to win the next election. Literally dangerous, not metaphorically dangerous, actually dangerous for your life. The problem is that in every election you have to move forward. If they are white supremacists in this election, then what is their next election? The Nazis. And then what? John Brennan, a former CIA director, said he was waiting for an authoritarian crackdown. You will notice the difference between fascist fanatics and racists and libertarians.

You can watch the video below:

I don’t think for a minute this plan would work for them.

Personally, I think what Dames is doing now is that they have given up on winning the election, and now, they are doing these “dangerous / radical” things and talking nonsense to Rowe v Wade in an attempt to get their base out.

They don’t want to be humiliated even by snubbing them to their base.

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Remember, the only thing the elite can’t deal with is ridicule and jokes… they will do whatever they can to avoid it.

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