“Democrats have some serious problems.”

I know it hurts the fake news media to report on Demes death.

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Especially after they all worked so hard to keep the Communist Party in power for so long.

But it has become so bad that they can no longer hide the catastrophe behind their shameless propaganda, fraudulent voting and other deviant tactics.

More news: [VIDEO] Kamala nervously repeats the phrase “work together” five times in a short sentence.

And you know these polls show that Joe is being paddled with 33% more dams than approvals, Republicans and independents. Can you imagine the actual approval number?

Honestly, I would say it could be the age of less than 20, high teens.

The situation is bad enough that progressive rocks like Sleepy Ice Chalk have to go up in the air and inevitably have to prepare their zombie viewers for what is coming …

Red Tsunami.

Today, Chuck begins his “Meet the Press” show, warning everyone that Democrats are in some serious trouble.

A new NBC poll shows that 75% of Americans think the country is “on the wrong track.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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You can watch the video below:

I like to sit down and chat with 25% of people who think we are “on the right track” and are so confident and happy to see exactly what they do.

I’m guessing they’re either completely unknown or the whole 25% consists of Joe Biden’s crooked brother and his Haribrand sister.

A few weeks ago I saw the cheating liar Donna Brazil on ABC, where she told viewers that the Dames were going to basically “clean up” the 2022 election.

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Apparently, Donna is now smoking crack with Hunter Biden, because if Dames didn’t have another fool-proof cheating plan, they would be falling into the atomic ball of flames.

Make sure you come out and vote!

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