Debra Messing goes crazy in a WH call, shouting “Got Biden elected”

Washed-up TDS actress Debra Messing is never happy.

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Like all liberal women, they are just miserable no matter who they are in the White House.

Debra has spent 4 years in Trump’s term and has shouted bloody murders, so now that you think Bumbling Joe has been installed, will he be just thrilled?


She is still screaming and crying like an unbroken flute.

And this time, he went “bat show * crazy” during a phone call with the White House.

I mean, I can’t say I’m blaming him this time … Biden is a complete disaster.

Radar Online reported that actress Debra Messing lost her temper during a call to the White House where she denounced President Joe Biden and expressed her outrage at Rowe v. Wade’s Supreme Court, Radar confirmed.

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According to CNN, the tragic call came on Monday, June 27, and included dozens of other celebrities who supported President Biden ahead of the 2020 presidential election – but Will and Grace, 53, were the most outspoken people in the call. .

“Messing said he chose Joe Biden and wanted to know why he was being asked to do something, shouting that there seemed to be no point in voting,” the three men in the call told CNN.

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“Others wondered why the call was happening,” they added, describing the last-minute call co-organized by Build Back Better Together as “fateful.”

Although Messing is now ostensibly “annoyed” with President Biden, as opposed to Scott’s Rowe v. Wade, it is unclear what he meant when he claimed “he was elected Joe Biden” as a WH aide and a few dozen other Democrat supporters. And staff last Monday.

Debra Messing probably hasn’t seen her “childbirth” for many years, so I’m not sure why she’s “crazy” about Rowe vs. Wade.

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And if Debra Biden gets “elected,” as she claims, I’m guessing she’s responsible for about 70 million invalid mail-in ballots.

But seriously, you have to like it when they get separated and eat their own, right?


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