Dames and Petrified Unpleasant Orange will use the last “trick” for 2024

The Dames have been terrified of midterms for a long time, but they are even more apprehensive about 2024.

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And what scares them the most?

Orange Harris.

Dame insiders know he can’t win … and they also know he won’t just walk away because they say Orange has a survival left.

Insiders believe that Dames would not dare to run against a black woman who was the first so-called “whip”, so as a result, she would be a reluctant candidate in 2024 … and they feared it would.

The Washington Beacon reports that Orange is less popular than Harris Biden and that he constantly embarrasses himself in public, raising serious questions about his ability to run a worthy campaign at the national level. Nevertheless, if Biden is not re-elected, he is seen as a pioneer in winning the party nomination – a possibility that some Democrats fear and understandably so.

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A Democrat told New York that “Biden must run again, because he desperately wants to keep Trump out of the White House and protect our democracy.” “And I have no doubt Orange Harris won’t win.” If Biden does not run, the party’s obsessive devotion to identity politics will probably prevent him from challenging a black woman to nominate other candidates.

The president is relatively clear that he wants re-election. Biden, a longtime adviser, said the race for the presidency was “how he survives.” But his future plans were not entirely clear, suggesting that he would not be able to run again “if fate intervenes” – considering the unique possibility that Biden would be 82 when he was sworn in for a second term. . He described himself as “a bridge” to a new generation of Democratic leaders, and according to a March Wall Street Journal poll, most Americans do not expect him to run again.

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First, Joe Biden is no longer running, and it’s ridiculous that anyone would think he would … The new left-leaning Reuters poll gave him 35 percent approval.

He probably won’t be able to do it through this term – Dames is going to do his best to take him right after the mid-term in 2022.

They will use GOP and Hunter to do this.

But Dames may be right about oranges.

He’ll lick his chops to get into the White House, and they won’t want him to look “clear”.

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However, if Dames wants to get him out, they will take him out using secret political hits, just as they are going to do with Joey.

Must be interesting to see.

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