Country Star John Rich Thinks Dames’ New “Midterm Scam” Already Backfiring

We’ve heard a lot about the “red waves” that are coming this fall.

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And I believe it’s true, and I think Demra believes it too.

The only thing we have to worry about is staying 100 percent focused, and coming out in groups, cheating, and their evil conspiracies, because we know they won’t stop – and I don’t want to say anything – when it comes to power.

And we’re in one of those plots right now … the left is using abortion and 2A to juice their base and go crazy … we know there’s been a leak from SCOTUS, and of course, the deadly and horrible school shooting in Uvalde.

It’s amazing how these tragedies have always been the best “political time” for Dames, haven’t they? Same thing with Kovid, that time was politically amazing for Dames.

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But country star John Rich doesn’t think this latest move to gun control is going to work – in fact, he already thinks it’s backfire on the Dames.

John says Dames knows they will never disarm good Americans, they just need to inspire a “MOB”.

Here is what John said in a tweet: “They know they can never disarm law-abiding citizens. This is just their strategy to make the crowd angry before the fall. Give it no mind. Love your family, stay close to the Lord and make them angry. “

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John may be onto something. Check out this new ABC poll that measures “voter enthusiasm”.

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The Demras are in big trouble if they don’t do some drama to vent their frustrations on their foundation or we will destroy them completely.

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