Correspondent Sheila Jackson became the owner of Lee FL House during a live “video conference”

There is nothing more painful than listening to a liberal attempt to talk about guns.

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It’s like sitting there with instructions to rebuild a carburetor from the age of three.

It’s please, for the love of all holy things, just shut up …

But for some unknown reason, the Republicans allow this Nincompoop Dam to simply push for legislation and restrictions that will do nothing to solve the real problem.

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Well, fortunately, that attitude was not shown during a live house video conference on the gun controversy.

Rape Greg Steve from Florida was at home, and used his own personal gun to make a point … and during his demo, he owned and stopped Sheila Jackson Lee, a BOSS-like representative.

Here’s what happened:

Rep @gregsteube (R-FL) shows the gun that will ban the Democrat-led bill.

Correspondent Sheila Jackson Lee: “I hope the gun is not loaded.”

Steve: “I’m at my house. I can do whatever I want with my gun. “

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Please note that this is exactly how every single conservative person should respond to stupid liberals … condemning their utter stupidity.


Here’s what people are saying online:

“Good job Rip Steve for telling that stupid thing!”

“Rock 2A, ignorant of the consequences of guns and gun laws.”

“Finally, someone shuts down this stupid dam.”

“Is all the money paying attention? How to talk to these monsters ”

“I’m in my own home. I can do whatever I want. The best return ever.”

“It simply came to our notice then. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

“Rip Steve makes some good points. He exercises safety by keeping the gun away from him and keeping his finger / hand on the trigger. “

Yes, that’s how you do it.

Stop allowing these fools to even enter the conversation.

A lot of people on the right are scared of these buffaloes, and they get scared and sit there, shivering in their breezes while Dames runs the show and calls shots.

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It’s nice to see that this Republican was different and basically told the old rock to shut up.

We need that much more.

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