Correspondent Marjorie Taylor Green is heard in court today as an immature, lying fool

Despite extensive protections in the constitution, freedom of speech is restricted.
Republican Marjorie Taylor Green issued a statement attacking the Capitol between election day and Jan. 6 that met the criteria for one of the exceptions to the freedom of speech protected by the Constitution: sedition. Other exceptions are: Words of war, slander, clear and current danger, and obscenity. Green, along with other Republican members of Congress, violated the First Amendment in their public political speeches and hypocritically tried to suppress the free press and violated it when they revealed the truth that they wanted to hide from the American people. When the millennium and the General X generation dominate the Congress, it is to be hoped that lying and hypocrisy will be disrespectful to the members of the Congress. Both methods of discourse are easily proven and should be the reason for the removal of elected officials from positions of power in our government. The power of the vote is the foundation of democracy, but some voters prove that they oppose democracy when they elect people who favor racism, dictatorship and the influence of religion in government.
More than 65 judicial decisions have confirmed that there is no basis for annulling the results of the 2020 presidential election. In fact the only attempt at deception was by the Republicans. They have lied and falsely claimed that they have information proving that there was fraud, in addition, there was a fraudulent attempt by Trump surrogates to install fake selectors to steal the legitimate election votes given to Joe Biden and give them to Trump. Our government has never had a more shamelessly corrupt presidential election by one of the major political parties than the Republicans’ 2020 election. At this point, if irresistible evidence of fraud and corruption is found, the judiciary may be deprived of its responsibilities without accusing countless surrogates like Donald Trump and countless other senators like Senator Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Josh Howley and Representative Taylor Green. , Matt Getz and many more. Democracy is failing us if it is protected by the constitution to keep corrupt criminals in political positions.
When you believe every word of your hero’s mouth, believe this statement as well. Trump voters, you’re punk. Free yourself and return your vote, not against democracy and decency.

Freedom of speech is crucial for democracy. However, this right is designed to value one’s personal rights and is not designed to manipulate or harm others for the purpose of corruption. The vote must be protected. However, if voters make a mistake, laws must be enacted and enforced to remove corrupt politicians. Shameless, dangerous misinformation spread in the Trump GOP, like Governor Ron Descentis, Greg Abbott, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, Senator Mitch McConnell, and others, is provoking the fear of white identity to intimidate vulnerable Americans into voting for them. It is cruel to exploit people’s insecurity for personal and political gain. However, this is the current GOP strategy for selection.

Towards the end of his corrupt career, a beaten liar, hypocrite and pimp face. The tapes released this week by writers Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin prove that he lied about his negative thoughts and feelings about Trump after the 2020 presidential election. Despite having tapes confirming what he said, McCarthy denied that he meant what he said. Doesn’t he know everyone knows he’s lying? Doesn’t he realize how weak and vulnerable he looks when he asks Trump for forgiveness and support?

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