Conservative writer Matt Walsh explains to liberals what creates a “mass.”

There is a lot of talk right now about the motives behind all these mass shooters.

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Liberals and Joe Biden think it’s gun fault.

But most Americans, according to a new poll by Harvard / Harris, believe that what is happening is due to mental illness, and they will be right.

What Demra is doing is taking a very serious mental illness situation and reversing it so that they can use it as a political weapon.

Demra does it all the time, so we should get used to it now.

However, this does not make it less disgusting or sickening.

More news: [VIDEO] See: Biden took lessons from Obama on how to be a “great divider.”

Demra is so spooky that they will use the bodies of 19 murdered children to score political points.

Only those who are, and Dems happy No. Solve the real problem, until they can ban one or two guns.

But as I said, the American people know best … and Matt Walsh explained to Dames that we have mass shooters and why a “gun ban” would not solve the problem.

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Here is what Matt said: “Start with a boy. Take her father. Put him in front of the screen all day. Feed him porn. Feed him an endless stream of content. Don’t give him any moral structure. No instructions. No companionship. Give him medicine. Tear him apart. This is how you make a school shooter. Repeat rinsing. “

We can ban every gun in the country, but if we don’t address the root of the problem, which is only getting worse, thanks to Dame’s two years of cowardly torture, mentally ill and crippled people will find a way to fight it. Society

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Such people feel frustrated and desperate, and if they are not given the help they need, they will never stop causing disaster.

And we can’t help them if we don’t solve the problem once and for all.

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