Conservative scholars have just called it the “red flag” of 81 million

I think so far, most of America has rejected this unreasonable “81 million” vote.

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And while some polls show that most Americans believe “fraud” has affected the 2020 election, I think that’s a fair guess.

Truth be told, I actually think Joe Biden got 81 million votes – I don’t think they were all legal… not even close.

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The “historic victory” of Joe Biden is a historical lie. But the biggest red flag is its approval rating.

If anyone has true historical support, as they claim to have Joe Biden, it will take a long time for him to get elected.

With 81 million real votes, Joe will have huge built-in padding that will keep him afloat for a long time.

But it did not happen.

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Joe fell like a rock and just kept drowning. There’s no denying it … and if it really had 81 million legal votes, it wouldn’t.

Sorry, if that hurts liberal sentiment, that’s true, and respected Polstar. Richard Barris He has said the same thing on multiple occasions.

But there’s another “red flag” – a real doozy – that conservative comedian Tim Young Mentioned recently, and I think it should go to the top of the list.

You’ve probably heard it before, but I think it repeats itself …

Have you ever seen a single Joe Biden t-shirt or hat?

Seriously … do you have?

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I’m not.

Not a.

Not one.

Here’s what Tim Young said: “81 million votes… and I’ve never seen a biden’s hat or shirt in my life.”

This tweet has gone viral, for good reason. The team probably got more “likes” on his tweets than Joe got a legal vote.

While I was doing some research for this piece, I came across this ad for a shirt LOL.

Has anyone ever seen a man wearing this shirt?

Ha ha ha ha. Good lord.

One of the 81 million Democrats who voted for Biden and Harris in the 2020 election" OneAmerica's T-shirt |  Red bubbles

I live in Michigan, and I haven’t seen so many “Joe Biden” yard signs in 2020.

Maybe a couple here or there, but nothing to write about or even call home.

But I saw Trump signs and Trump flags everywhere.

So, yes, I think Tim has something to do with this theory.

How can you make the biggest political movement in US history, and no one sees the evidence?

We just said it’s real, and it’s supposed to be good enough.

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It’s a lot like the Ukraine war and the “deadliest epidemic in the world.” .

Sounds like fish to many … and it’s not a “tinfoil hat thing”. This is the current situation of our country.

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