Conservative podcaster curious how this really young-looking guy can be

As Biden’s vote continues to decline, many in the media are finally taking seriously what is going wrong inside Biden’s admin.

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I actually read a pretty good article about this from CNN… I know, don’t I? I was shocked it was “pretty good”.

Many people are blaming Biden for obvious reasons. The man looks like he has to stay in an old age home.

But many are also blaming his staff, who say they are either still stuck in 90s-style politics, or that they are too young to have an idea of ​​what is really going on.

And that brings us to this tweet that I saw from a popular conservative podcaster who goes through the “comfortably smog” handle.

He found the tweet from a “senior” Biden colleague named Matt Hill.

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In this tweet, Matt is provoking a bunch of Malarki and attacking President Trump in a tweet about Baby Formula.

This is what a senior communication staff member says on Twitter: “.Potash He is doing everything he can to bring the private and public sectors together and make them work for the family The huge contrast and experience of the leadership vacuum that Americans have experienced for four years.… ”

Here’s what Smag comfortably said: “How about a 12-year-old senior associate communications director?”

Leadership emptiness? My lord, what alternative planet do these people live on? President Trump will never let this “baby formula” crisis happen. Lifelong bureaucrats ignore the problem, not private citizens and businessmen … we all know better.

I think the assessment of Biden’s staff was correct … be it old-school 90s politics or anonymous rambling from Dougie Hauser when it comes to this admin.

And how is this guy something a so-called “senior”?

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He should be the only “senior” in high school.

Here’s a quote from his LinkedIn: “Some might say I’m just a press flak that sends out a lot of press releases and talks to journalists, but I say I’m another soldier in the fight for the soul of the nation.” Choose Joe Biden and unify the country.

Oh, the alley is swollen.


No wonder this whole dog and pony show is going to be different, isn’t it?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“It could explain a lot.”

“Good lord the boy still has scars.”

“It’s a high school senior, not something else’s senior.”

“She has recent child formula experience.”

“Weren’t the mousecutters recruiting?”

“The source is clearly unaware of the source of the crisis. Cleaning up your mess isn’t a hero or even worthy. “

“It simply came to our notice then that they had to beg for something as basic as a child. That is not worthy of boasting. It’s a shame. “

“This whole administrator is stuffed by such kids.”

“Adolescence will hit that boy hard.”

Now, I know picking someone’s look may seem trivial, but there’s one big thing here, folks.

The country is in crisis, and we’re trying to figure out who’s running the show.

We know it’s not Joe, do we? And we know that his handlers – his senior staff – are probably filling the void and taking the lead …

And this guy, who looks like he’s 15 years of life and work experience, is either in one of these positions or very close.

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It’s scary and disturbing, but it’s the same for this gang show administration course.

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