Conservative attorney Robert Burns “mentions important details from 2000

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has released a new bombshell documentary called “2000 Mules” and it was in 2020 that Dames released the massive ballot-cutting scandal that handed the race over to Joe Biden.

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They did exactly the same thing in California in 2018 when they collected ballot-crops for all those last-minute “surprise” victories.

I believe Callie 2018 was a “dry run” that they planned to do in 2020.

So this movie is very important.

This is a blueprint for what happened, and we’re seeing surveillance videos at each location and thanks to the people at “True the Vote” who literally mapped the mules.

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It was a gift to see what actually happened and beyond doubt proved that 2020 was not the “fair and safe” election in American history.

Quite the opposite.

But many of us miss one of the most important details of all this … and conservative attorney Robert Burns is the man who caught it.

Before we just blame Dames, take a look …

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Here is what Robert Burns said: “# 2000MulesMovie A reminder that @GOPC Chairperson Failed to do his job. These surveillance videos were available to monitor ballot smugglers during the election, but the RNC was too busy for Mitch and Mitt. “

Robert is right …

Where was Ronna McDaniel through all this?

I’ll tell you where – he was nowhere to be found.

I have always said that in order to be successful we need to get rid of the three main ones. The first is Mitch McConnell, who is running for the Dames and cannot be the leader of the Senate.

The latter is Kevin McCarthy, a hardliner of an organization and cannot be the House Speaker.

And the third is RNC Chairperson Rona McDaniel, who works for both Mitch and Kevin, and the GOP establishment candidates are doing everything in their power to win over the MAGA candidates.

And he did nothing to tackle the 2020 election, and now that we know he had access to this footage, why was it not monitored and why didn’t he talk about the “2000 mule”?

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I’ll tell you why he was in it.

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