CNN’s new bosses are Stelter, Acosta and

Well, things are finally starting to heat up on CNN.

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As you probably know, the new owners are on a mission to bring CNN back to the days before Stage 5 TDS.

But with fake news vendors like Jim Acosta, Don Lemon and Brian Stelter it won’t be easy.

And speaking of the three stooges … the clowns of this fake news were just put on notice … lose “bias” or go away.

Radar Online reports that CNN’s new boss Chris Licht has warned his on-air talent that either to adjust their biased reporting or be fired from the network, Radar has learned.

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In a sensational development a few months after forcing former CNN boss Jeff Zucker to resign from the network, Licht is now hammering at several CNN hosts who are even more biased and polarized during Donald’s four-year tenure. Trump was president.

This is a bombing revelation created by a recent Axios report claiming that popular CNN personalities – such as Brian Stelter, Jim Acosta and Don Lemon – were specifically warned by Licht to dial biased reports or start looking for jobs elsewhere.

What makes the outlet’s report even more interesting is that Licht also warned his off-air talent, such as CNN producers and bookers, to start making decisions that focus more on non-partisan reporting.

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For on-air personalities like Stelter, Acosta and Lemon, Licht is pushing for more “respectable interviews” that don’t seem to make biased PR stunts “noise,” while off-air talent – such as network producers and bookers – Licht – More control over “controls” is reported to be pushing for programming decisions.

In the past, both Stelter and Lemon have been criticized for their biased on-air reporting – Stelter for failing to cover the Zucker-Golast incident and Stelter for failing to cover the Zucker-Golast story, as well as the guilt of disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti. Judgment

Although CNN insiders called for the immediate removal of both Stelter and Lemon, they were apparently given a second chance – but now Licht is reportedly putting them all on notice.

We all knew it was coming নেই there was no way they could hold on to those three stooges and hope to take them seriously, or get back the “neutral” audience they had lost.

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Sorry, but there is a lot of dirty water flowing under the bridge of that fake news to save these three losers.

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